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Petronas to fuel Mercedes beyond 2026

Petronas and Mercedes tighten their title sponsorship beyond 2026

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Mercedes and Petronas confirmed that their title sponsorship deal will now go on beyond 2026, supplying the Silver Arrows with sustainable fuel for the seasons to come.

The title sponsorship has been on since 2010 when the Mercedes F1 team was formed after buying out Brawn GP. The Malaysian oil company confirmed that they will keep playing a part in Mercedes’ and F1’s sustainable way forward. Their partnership will go beyond 2026, the year when F1 sees a massive power unit regulation change, which plays a part in becoming zero carbon by 2030.

By 2026, F1 power units must use 100% sustainable fuels while giving out three times the electric power. While motorsport is trying to make a step forward in helping the planet, Petronas are also working on their own projects to become more environmentally friendly. The oil company aims to start producing Sustainable Aviation Fuel from 2027.

Petronas’, Mercedes and F1’s missions go hand-in-hand for the three institutions to keep working together. Since partnering with Petronas, Mercedes have gone on to win eight Constructors’ Championships and seven Drivers’ Championships thanks to Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

Mercedes’ Team Principal, Toto Wolff’s comments

A big part of Mercedes’ success is thanks to their Team Principal and CEO Toto Wolff. He joined the team in 2013 and made a signifance difference which saw Mercedes become a dominant force in the hybrid era of Formula One.

He said, as reported by Formula 1, ““Today we are doing something a little bit unusual – announcing a partnership that will begin in four years’ time. This sends an important message: our team and Petronas are no longer just partners, we are family, and we will be one team for many more years to come.

““From 2026, advanced sustainable fuel will be at the heart of F1 performance – and this gives us a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate our expertise in this domain, through both the power unit and Petronas Fluid Technology Solutions. We are excited to be racing into the future alongside Petronas, with the ambition to set the standard once again, in our on-track performance and by pioneering the transition of a global sports team to a net-zero future.”

Petronas Downstream CEO, Datuk Sazali’s comments

Another figure who was key in Mercedes and Petronas’ partnership was Datuk Sazali, CEO of the oil company. Planning to supply more sustainable air fuel from 2027, this might come into play with F1 personnel’s travelling.

Having to travel across the world, it can be argued that F1 will find it difficult more than ever to become more sustainable. However, being supplied with more sustainable fuel can help that travelling be less carbon emitted.

He said: “We are already on track with developing a greenfield biorefinery and co-processing at our facilities to supply sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) as a cleaner and more viable option for aircrafts in our effort to support the aviation industry needs. This is in line with Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) which is expected to come into mandatory effect by 2027 as well as the FIA’s net zero by 2030 commitment – both of which will affect the logistics operations of F1 teams.”

Featured Image Credit: Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team Official Twitter

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