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Perez ‘fully fresh’ after a difficult 2023 season

The Mexican driver struggled in 2023, leading to rumours that he could lose his seat for the new season

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Red Bull driver Sergio Perez has said he is ‘fully fresh’ for the start of 2024, having struggled towards the end of the 2023 season.

All eyes will be on the Mexican in 2024, only finishing on the podium once in the final eight races of the season.

It had initially looked like 2023 could be a big year for Perez, winning two of the first four races of the year.

Despite this, the six-time race winner found himself in a scrap for second place in the drivers championship with Lewis Hamilton at the end of the season.

This lead to rumours that Daniel Ricciardo could take over his seat as the second driver at Red Bull for 2024.

Red Bull have chosen to keep the faith with Perez, who is looking to take a step forwards for the new season.

“Yeah, I feel fully fresh,” said the Mexican, speaking to PlanetF1.

“And obviously, with the learning of last year, it’s very important that we will learn what went wrong and learn from our mistakes.

“I think we understood a lot of things. It’s my fourth year with Red Bull and I would expect to be at my best for this season.”

Perez is optimistic that he can make big improvements in 2024, hoping to take a different approach to the new season.

“It’s to maximise every single opportunity,” he continued when asked about his goals for the year.

“To get a really strong base early on, and just be able to carry that through the whole season and be able to develop through the season.

“Understanding the difficult races and why they were so difficult, the directions we were taking with the car, and how we were overcompensating things and not necessarily making the car better. I think all of that we managed to learn.”

Red Bull show ‘hunger’

Perez will feel more confident in the new season, now knowing exactly what car he will have under him.

Red Bull have just unveiled the new RB20, which promises to be yet another big step in performance for a team that already showed it’s dominance.

“I think it just shows the hunger that there is in this team,” he said.

“We had such a dominant car last year that you wouldn’t imagine us changing the concept as much, and I think it’s really brave from Red Bull to do that.

“I think with the changes we’ve done to the car, it’s all about improving learning with the car and growing with the car.”

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