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Red Bull Racing Sergio Perez during qualifying at the Australian GP

Perez ahead of the Australian GP: ‘Important to minimise the damage’

The Red Bull driver will start the race from the end of the grid due to a crash in Q1

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Red Bull driver Sergio Perez will start the Australian GP from the end of the grid due to an accident in qualifying. The Mexican, looking to rival teammate Max Verstappen for the title, admitted it would be crucial to do damage control during the race. 

Red Bull Racing Sergio Perez during qualifying at the Australian GP
Red Bull Racing Sergio Perez during qualifying at the Australian GP. Image Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

The first surprise from the Australian weekend came during Q1 when Red Bull driver Sergio Perez ended up in the gravel causing a red flag. The 33-year-old will hence be forced to start from last on the grid tomorrow and follow in his teammate’s footsteps from the Saudi Arabian GP to score an important comeback.

Perez discussed the accident by admitting he could not have done much else, as quoted by The Race: ‘We had a bit of a technical issue from FP3 and we thought we fixed it but we obviously didn’t. It was very difficult to do anything out there. I became a passenger as soon as I touched the brake.’

He then went on to add:

‘It’s something that is moving the brake balance quite far forward under braking and I just hope that we are able to fix it as a team tomorrow and be able to race and minimise the damage. I trust totally my team that we will be able to overcome this problem and be able to have a strong race pace.’

Perez is currently second in the Drivers’ Championship, only one point behind teammate and 2-times World Champion Max Verstappen. If, on one side, the Dutchman managed to finish second after starting fifteenth in Jeddah, Checo will be called to a similar comeback to keep the Championship’s hopes alive.

However, Albert Park saw the competition getting closer during quali, as Perez admits no mistakes are allowed: ‘The margin in quali shows how close everyone is. If we’re not able to put it together every single Saturday and Sunday, the competition is really strong.’

Headline Image: Red Bull Content Pool

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