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People Were On The Track During Albon’s Late Pitstop

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Video Below! Alex Albon pulled off a very impressive feat on Sunday by only pitting on the last lap. This pitstop, however, could have been disastrous. 

It was always a risky strategy. Pitting on the final lap had many risks: Whether the tyres would last? Would it be worth it points-wise for Williams? After a disqualification, Albon was in P20- would the strategy even work?

Another one of the risks was that fans were actually in the pitlane during Albon’s stop. This could have been disastrous for both the driver and the fans.

If the fans were causing obstruction, Albon’s stop could have led to him falling down the positions.

On a more serious note, the people in the pitlane could have been seriously injured. In the rush of his last lap heroics, Albon could have easily been involved in a serious incident.

Luckily, Albon and the fans came away unharmed but this could have been a recipe for disaster.

A very observant twitter user saw the onboard footage of the pitstop and posted it. See below:

This apparently occurred because it is customary for F1 VIP guests to be brought out to the pits during the last lap.

This would normally be okay as most races don’t end with a last-lap pitstop but this time around in Australia it was different.

Alex Albon’s late pitstop was all anyone could talk about during the closing stages of the race. This was because it hadn’t been seen in a very long time and it was one of the remaining unknown variables of the race.

The fans are usually guided down to the pits from an F1 official. Michael Schmidt has said that it is “normal for F1 VIPs to be guided to the pitlane during the penultimate lap”.

This is because the VIP guests usually have access to the pitlane for the podium ceremony.

It is now being questioned whether the guide was unaware of the Albon late pitstop or whether they were sticking to usual protocol.

At the end of the race, we saw so many fans on the track. It was reminiscent of the scenes we usually see at Monza with the Tifosi or at Silverstone with the British fans.

This is brilliant to see now that F1 is back in fullforce. Fans on track is an excellent scene to witness but Alex Albon mustn’t have been too pleased that they were in the pitlane during his pit.

The good news is, everyone is okay and nothing serious happened.

Feature Image: @FiftyBucksVT on Twitter

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