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O’Ward: “I will do everything I can to make F1 switch”

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Pato O’Ward has arguably been the most expected driver of the Young Drivers’ Test in Abu Dhabi. The IndyCar driver had previously earned this possibility after his recent success in the American series and has now admitted Formula 1 remains his goal. 

The 22-years-old believes a switch from IndyCar to Formula 1 would be possible despite a limited amount of time to make it happen. As reported by “To be fairly honest, arguably there’s maximum two more years for me to be able to come into the F1 scene. There’s not much more time.”

However, O’Ward is highly determined: “I will do everything I can to make it happen, because it is the top of the top, and my dream and my life, right now, it all started with one dream, and that dream was to make it to Formula 1. That dream ambled out to different series, endurance racing and IndyCar racing. But it all started with that one dream. And I’d be lying if I said I don’t want it, because I do.”

McLaren was happy with the results and improvement obtained by the Mexican during the Young Drivers’ Test. Yet, Woking’s lineup is confirmed for 2022 and onward. O’Ward isn’t any less convinced: “I’m going to do absolutely everything I can, and I’m going to push to my absolute maximum to make sure that I leave nothing on the table. Because you’ve got to take it. You’ve got to try, because if I don’t, I will regret it for the rest of my life.”

Headline Image: McLaren

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