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Nyck De Vries earned his first F1 points on his debut with Williams in Monza

Age is just a number for Nyck De Vries as he approaches debut F1 season

Nyck De Vries will be 28 when he makes his Formula One season debut

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Nyck De Vries will be joining the Formula One grid in 2023 with AlphaTauri, following a prestigious performance with Williams in Monza.

Nyck De Vries made his debut in Monza with Williams in which he finished P9 (Image Credit: Sky Sports Germany)

An appendix operation for Alex Albon saw the Dutch step in for him at the Italian Grand Prix. Nyck De Vries not only finally got to make his long-awaited debut in Formula One, but he also score points. It was an impressive feat for someone to never have raced in the big league. He also got fitted for the car a day before the race. One can also add, that the Williams is not the best car on the track and earning points, even one, is considered a win.

The 27-year-old performed his first Mercedes test in 2020, alongside his teammate in Formula E, Stoffel Vandoorne. However, the team decided to move forward with different drivers, and Nyck embarked on a new journey in Formula E. He got a taste of glory in the all-electric series in Season 7.

A great weekend performance in Formula One, saw teams eyeing him up, including AlphaTauri. that is why, once Pierre Gasly was sorted with Alpine, the Red Bull sister team confirmed that Nyck De Vries will have a seat in 2023. It’s a relatively old age for a driver to be a rookie in F1, despite 27 being considered outside of the sport. Not only, but he will be turning 28 before the 2023 season.

Comments from Nyck De Vries

Speaking on the Beyond The Grid podcast, De Vries explained how his age does not really phase him. He understands the fact that everyone takes a different path in life, even if they want to get to the same place.

He said, “Everyone walks their own path, so regardless of my age or how I got here, I think it’s almost irrelevant. I think getting the opportunity when the time is right is all that matters in the end. For me personally, it’s obviously been a rollercoaster journey and it does feel even – kind of – better to now get the chance. At times I probably would have thought it would have been less likely to ever [realise] my dream, but at the same time, I never really gave up on it.

“[Monza] was very overwhelming, [but] at the same time, I think my experience and maturity helped me remain very grounded. It was a great experience and I’m very grateful for everything that happened that weekend.”

Working with Yuki Tsunoda

He will now be linking up with Japanese youngster Yuki Tsunoda. As the team aims to move forward and be more competitive, De Vries was asked what he thinks of his new teammate. There will be six years separating the two drivers when the season starts. Surely, De Vries would be a great mentor to help Tsunoda establish his place even further in Formula One, having competed in different series too.

De Vries said, “When he was in F2 I was one of his biggest supporters. He’s obviously an entertaining young guy and he’s not afraid to speak his opinion. I enjoy watching him. He’s very talented and very quick. I’m sure we’ll have a great time together, and I look forward to joining him. It’ll be the first time in my career I’ll have smaller teammate than me! But we figured we still have the same shoe size!”

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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