Nikita Mazepin: ‘I didn’t deserve it.’

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With the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Russian driver Nikita Mazepin has been dropped from his Haas seat.

Haas were also forced to part ways with Russian sponsor, Uralkali, which is owned by Mazepin’s father Dmitry.

On March 9, Mazepin addressed the public in a press conference and got to have his say on the situation.

It is understood that Mazepin is not happy with the way that he has been treated, especially after the below statement he posted on his official Instagram.

During his press conference, Mazepin said, “I deserved more support from the team.

“There is no legal reason to terminate the contract. I was relieved to see that the FIA allowed us to start in neutral colours, I was hoping to drive.

“Everything changed and I lost the dream I had been working for for 18 years.

“I heard about my kick from Haas, like everyone else, from the press. I didn’t deserve it.

“I was very disappointed with how it was played. I hadn’t been worried since I left Barcelona.”

Mazepin’s aims are now that he helps other atheletes who are being prohibited from competing due to a situation which is out of their control.

He set up a foundation with the title of ‘We Compete as One’, which is similar to F1’s motto, ‘We Race as One’.

It is founded by the money from the former Uralkali-Haas sponsorship and will start by helping off the paralympic team.

While the 23-year old feels that he has received no support from his team, he admitted that some people from the paddock did have his back.

He said, “I appreciated the small number of drivers who expressed their support for me.

“Sergio (Perez), Valtteri (Bottas), Charles (Leclerc) and George (Russell) all contacted me. They know how important the situation is, and they showed their support after I lost the opportunity to compete.

“The messages were nothing political but just on a personal level – to keep my head up because athletes have been broken and lives have been destroyed after a decision like that.”

Meanwhile, Mercedes Team Principal, Toto Wolff expressed how he is devasted to the Russian fans who enjoyed watching F1. At the same time, he understands that with the current situation, such actions had to be done.

Netflix cancelled streaming in Russia and the public will also fail to see their Russian driver compete in the sport.

Wolff said, “I’m sad for the Russian public that enjoyed watching Formula One.

“And a population that maybe has no interest at all in geopolitics or any of that. But we as a society, we just can’t look over that.

“Even a sports team. We are commercially driven, and it’s an attractive location to race, but at a certain stage you have to say, ‘Up to here and no more.'”

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