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Feature Image Credit: EA F1 22

New features trailer for F1 22!

As launch day nears, EA reveals more content for F1's latest game

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a screenshot of F1 22’s work in progress gameplay (Image Credit: EA F1 22

After the Preview build release last month, F1® 22 released a trailer today that showcases the upcoming features of the game.  The two-minute trailer takes players through the updates to the game introduced in F1 2021.  This includes the new immersive broadcast modes, adaptive AI, pitstop errors and sprint races.  The game will also showcase improved UI for easier navigation.  Broadcast visuals are being introduced including podium sequences and driver video walls.   An exciting feature will be the inclusion of VR for PC players. 

F1® 22 also sees the return of My Team. This will now have three starting points, to test players at all levels. The acclaimed 10-year Career mode now comes with two-player functionality and Multiplayer including offline split-screen. 

The biggest addition to the game is the new F1 Life feature.  The new social hub  allows players to show off their collection of supercars, fashion accessories, and trophies. The In-game character personalisation extends to branded clothes and accessories.  Players can collect these through in-game challenges, Podium Pass, brand shop, and also in the in-game store. Upon entering the game, players begin at their personal hub. The hub  acts as the Multiplayer lobby. It allows access to friends’ avatars and collections.

Gamers that choose the Champions Edition players also receive new My Team Icons, Jacques Villeneuve, Mark Webber and Nico Hülkenberg.  A truly unique feature for the Champions edition is the inclusion of  two drivable safety cars: the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series and Aston Martin Vantage. These can be used in Time Trial mode.


Senior Creative Director at Codemasters Lee Mather says the game will allow players to be “more social with their friends”. Mather also highlights the new F1 Life feature:

“F1 22 allows players to live their Formula 1 fantasies both on and off the track,”  “Players are excited to enter the new era of Formula 1 with the introduction of new cars, regulations, and more control of race day moments. F1 22 enables players to be more social with their friends away from the circuit. The personalised space within F1 Life allows players to show off their collection of must-have cars and accessories and be the envy of friends and rivals.”

F1® 22 releases on July 1st.  Players can pre-order the digital-only F1® 22Champions Edition for additional content and three days of early access.

Feature Image Credit: EA F1 22

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