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NASCAR Team interested in Daniel Ricciardo after debuting Kimi Raikkonen

The Trackhouse Team Project 91 seeks to recruit Daniel Ricciardo for a NASCAR stint.

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With Daniel Ricciardo’s future uncertain, a NASCAR team has expressed interest in recruiting him to race.

Daniel Ricciardo’s hero, Dale Earnhardt, raced in NASCAR. Could he follow in his footsteps? Credit: NASCAR/ Jared C. Tilton

Daniel Ricciardo, to the dismay of many fans, looks like he could be without a seat for the 2023 season. He will no longer be racing for McLaren after ending their contract one year prematurely. All the other free seats have plenty of suitors.

It’s been reported that Ricciardo could be considering taking a year off to become a reserve or test driver. He would then try to enter the sport for the 2024 season. This started after Ricciardo was heard speaking to Sergio Perez at the Dutch Grand Prix saying he will “come back for 2024”.

Although Ricciardo’s Formula One options are becoming more and more limited, opportunities in the wider motorsport realm are presenting themselves.


It’s no secret that Ricciardo loves the USA. He’s always on top form when it comes to United States Grand Prix and last year even got to drive his racing hero, Dale Earnhardt’s NASCAR around COTA. Ricciardo, over the years, has also spoken about driving in NASCAR in interviews.

So if a seat in Formula One isn’t guaranteed, one in a NASCAR might be a great option.

Could we see a full season of Daniel Ricciardo in NASCAR?

Maybe not yet, but, he could do a race…

Trackhouse Project 91

Team Trackhouse, a NASCAR team owned by the Trachouse Entertainment Group has launched Project 91. Project 91 will be a part-time entry, where international drivers from all racing disciplines will get the opportunity to drive NASCAR. In car 91 of course.

The team gave Kimi Raikkonen his NASCAR debut in August and is looking to give other drivers the same chance.

A reported 20+ drivers from Formula 1, IndyCar, etc. have expressed interest in taking the wheel of Car 91 but Trackhouse seems incredibly interested in Daniel Ricciardo.

Kimi Raikkonen raced in NASCAR in August of the Summer. Credit:

It is now been made clear that Justin Marks, Trackhouse Entertainment Group co-owner has said that Ricciardo is aware of their interest in him but will not proceed until he finalises his Formula One situation.

The Trackhouse Initaitve

The Project 91 Initiative was launched by Trackhouse in an attempt to make NASCAR more popular to international audiences.

Their website quotes that the joint venture intends to expand its “international reach”.

Team Trackhouse, PROJECT91 and Kimi Raikkonen have activated the intersection of NASCAR racing and global motorsport culture in the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1… PROJECT91 is a program designed to push the guardrails and expand our international reach.”

It’s unsure whether Daniel Ricciardo will take up this opportunity, however, it will be great for both Ricciardo fans and NASCAR fans to see this collaboration. The NASCAR interest in Ricciardo is reassuring for fans.

Feature Image: Dan Istetine for Getty Images

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