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Montoya speaks out on track limits

The former F1 driver has his say on how it is affecting the championship battle

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The ongoing argument over track limits in Formula One has been a big talking point over these last few race weekends. You could say it cost Red Bull a win, a pole position and a fastest lap in the three races we have had so far this season. On the other hand, you might say that track limits are part of the rules, and the stewards are only doing their job. Has it become too ridiculous?

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko believes that the sport needs to change the way they deal with track limits, with many drivers and teams also confused as to what the rules are.

However, former F1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya believes the rules over track limits are “controversial” and could potentially hurt the gripping championship battle between Red Bull and Mercedes.

Speaking exclusively to Motorsport TV Live Montoya said: “I think it’s great. I think it’s great for TV to have, especially two teams going at it. I think F1 in the last couple years was missing that a little bit. Having the two, Red Bull and Mercedes, go at it like that, it’s been a lot of fun,”

“But I would say it’s been a little too controversial with the track limits,” he continued. “I know they’re trying to make the tracks safer with runoffs and everything, but it’s so hard to control, and [understand] why sometimes it’s right and [sometimes] it is wrong. When it’s a judgement call, it’s very difficult. I don’t envy the stewards of F1 dealing with this.”

The Columbian also spoke of his excitement of watching a close championship battle between Max Verstappen and seven time world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton, but believes it will be tough to beat the Briton.

“I’m excited because I think it’s just raising the anger level at Red Bull,” he said. “They really want to beat Mercedes really, really bad, and that just makes it cool to watch. You know, Marko is not a guy with a lot of patience and I wouldn’t think Max is either, so if they get a chance to go for it, they will,”

“Look at Imola, he [Hamilton] made a huge mistake, and went off the racetrack,” he added. “And he is lucky enough that they red flag the race, he gets in the right position, and he takes advantage of those opportunities and finished second. So how do you beat Lewis when you have that amount of luck and talent? It is very difficult.”


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