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Lifting the Lid on the Monaco Helmets

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The Monaco Grand Prix is a special one for all those who like or are involved in Formula One in one way or another.

It’s the home race to Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, and Formula One has been racing at the track since 1929. It’s one of the most iconic circuits on the calendar, street circuit to be exact. And the drivers always get hyped up more than ever for it, the atmosphere is like no other.

That is why most drivers choose to take a new helmet to the city-state on the French Riviera. Let’s take a look at what the drivers took with them this year to the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix.

Charles Leclerc

The Monagesque brought on a new helmet design for his home Grand Prix, and hopefully, it will bring him some luck too. Leclerc never finished in a race in Monaco so far, in any category. In 2021 he took on pole after causing a red flag in qualifying but did not start the race because he caused way too much damage to his engine.

This year, Leclerc took Niki Lauda’s Ferrari 312B3 out on a run… and crashed it. Hopefully, that means that he won’t crash again maybe this year.

All jokes aside, everyone is backing the 24-year old to finally bring it home, at home. Even more when he is considered the prodigy of the late Monagesque Formula One driver and his godfather, Jules Bianchi.

Sergio Perez

The Mexican took a retro helmet to Monaco, to pay tribute to Pedro Rodriguez. He was another Mexican driver, and Perez explained, that they are the only two ever Mexican drivers to deliver victories and podiums in Formula One.

The helmet is in Rodriguez’s colours and on top of it, there is “Gracias Pedro” written. There are also the wins and podiums added together of both drivers, four wins and 25 podiums.

Can he add more in Monaco? Perez and Red Bull will hope so.

Lewis Hamilton

The seven-time World Champion collaborated with Daniel Arsham, a visual artist, to produce a new helmet design for the Monaco Grand Prix. The Brit won is a three-time Monaco Grand Prix winner.

The helmet design is a signature style of Daniel’s and will be sold as a sculpture, with all proceeds going to Lewis Hamilton’s foundation, Mission 44.

Lando Norris

The Brit also has a new helmet for Monaco, and it might be special for him to return. In 2021, he got his first podium in Monaco and hopes to repeat history in a time when McLaren are struggling.

Norris has been sick with tonsillitis over the week but is determined to get in that seat for Monaco and get the boys from Woking some points.

Although the team are not whether they want to be this season, the 22-year old already brought home a podium this season for them. Maybe McLaren will get another taste of champagne in Monaco too.

Valtteri Bottas

The Finn got a new helmet by Stilo and designed by Tiffany Cromwell, the 32-year-old’s wife. Bottas is having exceptional performances for Alfa Romeo this season and everyone hopes that he keeps it going in Monaco.

The top of the helmet features two playing cards, both seven to represent Bottas’ number. There are also some poker chips and casino coins, to highlight some of Monaco’s rich culture.

There are also all the names of the corners written on the back, and the secret wine cellar that Bottas claims is close by to the track.

Pierre Gasly

The French is close to home this weekend and so he brought a new helmet with him to Monaco. A white helmet with his logo highlighted in gold detail and the Alpha Tauri logo on both sides.

Let’s hope that it makes it a special one for Gasly and AlphaTauri, who are normally more compeititve than they have been so far.

Featured Image Credit: Charles Leclerc Official Twitter

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