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Miami Track Damage Repaired Just In Time

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Minor areas of track damage appeared on the surface late on Thursday in Miami.

Miami GP officials worked overnight to ensure repairs were done in time to meet safety measures before cars take to the track.

By Turn 17, the left-hand hairpin was the area of focus. It’s before the final corner towards the start/finish straight. This is a crucial area just outside the apex on the grid.

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Additionally by Turn 7 , there was an issue too. It’s positioned next to the fake marina and before the first DRS zone.

Image Credit: F1.

Circuit designers assessed the 24,000 tons of asphalt. Asphalt specialists composed a mix of 60% US-mined granite from Georgia with Southern Florida’s locally-sourced limerock. Bitumen, a mixture of hydrocarbons then binds the materials together.

After positioned on the track, the bitumen is stripped to for create a surface that allows for a variety of grip levels. This is essential for F1 Pirelli tyres.

The FIA required for asphalt to be laid at least 60 days prior to the race weekend. The deadline was met and repairs resolved the issue. Now it’s time to get excited for FP1 later today. There will be quick corners and fun times on the long straights.

Headline Image Credit: Sky Sports.

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