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Miami Grand Prix talks positive

Local Government to hold vote this week on 2022 race

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The concept of a Miami Grand Prix is gaining traction, with the Mayor now holding enough votes to allow the race to go ahead at the Hard Rock Stadium as soon as 2022. 

Mayor of Miami Gardens, Rodney Harris, has now drummed up enough support and votes to give the race the green light, with an official vote to be held on 14th April.

The proposal includes a $5 million community benefits package for residents and businesses in the area, as well as as a STEM project for the city’s students. The initial idea to bring F1 to Miami was met with criticism from residents and businesses as well as some politicians. However, the political climate is now different. Betty Ferguson, the former Miami-Dade commissioner who opposed the idea, now has limited power, is no longer a council member and no longer the city’s representative on the County Commission.

Changes made to proposed Miami Grand Prix track layout | Formula 1®

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Despite her opposition, hosting an F1 race in Miami would provide significant support for the economy  but the race promoters have done themselves no favours by ignoring the community in the area. The new talks have included significant community support and helping students in the city.

Since Liberty Media took over ownership of Formula One four years ago, adding another grand prix in the United States has always been on the agenda. We already have Austin on the calendar, but the sport needs to promote itself more in the States.

The political in-fighting over the proposal has caused long delays in getting it to a vote, and compromises have had to be made. The City Council has suggested that the practice session should start at 2.30pm local time, to allow schools to still operate. There is suggestions that they could potentially tun Miami into a night race, to avoid any disruption to the community. There will also be noise mitigation barriers, and air quality and noise monitoring. How traffic will be planned around the event, which is to be held as a street circuit, is also yet to be discussed.

However, the talks are in a more positive place and if the vote is successful, we could see a race on the calendar as early as next year.



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