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The chequered flag is out as Sergio Perez remains the fastest of FP3, followed by Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

Red Bulls seem the absolute favorite for the pole position but nothing is ever certain in F1. What is sure is that Lewis Hamilton will have to bring out a brilliant performance to try and outqualify the Dutchman.

Finally, qualifying will start at 20 GMT, and Formula Nerds will be here to narrate it to you again. Until then, have a good time and see you later!


Verstappen rejoins the track but complains about a lack of grip. Will the Dutch Lion be able to fix his problems before qualifying?


As Bottas complains about being stuck in a “traffic paradise”, both Alpines get better and better with a 1:18.816 for Alonso and a 1:18.999 for Esteban Ocon.

Checo conquers the fastest lap time with a 1:17.024. The crowd goes expectedly wild (again) and we can’t imagine what the atmosphere will be like at the stadium on Sunday…


The crowd is all for Checo again, as the Mexican manages to set a faster lap and complete a Red Bull 1-2 behind his teammate Max Verstappen.


Joining the back of the grid on Sunday, Esteban Ocon will also change the power unit ahead of qualifying.


Lewis Hamilton gives it another try and marks a 1:17:903. Meanwhile, Verstappen is back into the garage with, reportedly, a DRS problem.


Many drivers keep locking up due to the tricky conditions. As a matter of fact, Charles Leclerc ends up spinning and needing to box.


Even faster! Max Verstappen gets better in the third sector and marks a 1:17.217 with a gap of 0,5s to Valtteri Bottas’ Mercedes, which is the second-fastest car.


Quickly done: Championship leader Max Verstappen goes fastest with a 1:17.537. The Red Bulls seem the cars to beat this weekend but will they confirm this during qualifying?


The man of the moment Sergio Perez makes the crowd go wild as he signs the fastest lap time but not for long. In fact, Charles Leclerc goes at the top of the timing sheets with a 1:18:213. Meanwhile, as Lewis Hamilton locks up and runs wide, on-track rival Max Verstappen comes out of the box.


Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are out on track, as the Finn conquers the fastest lap so far with a 1: 18:661.

In the meantime, Lando Norris blocks his tyres and has a little travel through the Mexican grass. Gotta use the whole track, right?


The track remains slippery as shown by both Sainz and Leclerc, who almost lost their cars. Luckily both managed good saves but the Monegasque needs to box.


As we were talking about him, Lando Norris joins the action on soft tyres alongside Kimi Raikkonen. The Ferrari drivers also take the track and start working on their fast laps ahead of qualifying.


While we wait for some more consistent action on track, McLaren has announced Lando Norris will also suffer a PU change and, hence, start from the back of the grid on Sunday.


If you’re wondering about the track condition, I regret to inform you it’s still very slippery due to an earlier engine failure from one of the support categories’ cars.


Yuki Tsunoda is the first driver on the track. The Japanese driver will need to familiarize himself with the circuit as he will start from the back of the grid on Sunday due to an engine penalty.


We are underway for the third session of free practice in Mexico and the last possibility for teams to find the right setup before qualifying at 20:00 (GMT).

While the start of the engines is delayed due to the marshalls cleaning up turn 9, it’s nice to notice the Mexican fans are blessed by the sun, as the temperature is currently 18 C°.

Headline Image: Red Bull Content Pool

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