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McLaren launches Extreme E Team

Mclaren Launch a new livery at Cop26 in Glasgow

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Yesterday at Cop26, McLaren officially launched their newest venture, an Extreme E racing team.

Earlier in the day, McLaren made a historic announcement. McLaren Racing signed their first female driver ever- Emma Gilmour.

The Kiwi rally driver was announced as the second and final addition to next year’s team.

Gilmour will partner with the four-time U.S. Rallycross Champion, Tanner Foust.

Gilmour will be one of many women taking part in the 2022 Extreme E series. Each team has both a female and male driver.

Outside the Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow, the McLaren Extreme E team was finally launched as part of COP26.

The event was hosted by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and had many special guests in attendance. Zak Brown, Emma Gilmour, Leena Gade (The new Extreme E Race Engineer), Professor Carlos Duarte, and the launch livery designer Vic Lee.

The new livery is in the classic McLaren ‘Papaya Orange’ and features hand-drawn artwork.

Vic Lee and McLaren’s inspiration behind the livery is said to be Extreme E itself. Scroll down to check out the livery.

“The Livery represents the entire race calendar through the four biomes of the Arctic, Amazon, Desert, and Ocean. Illustrations on the livery focus on each landscape, drawing inspiration from the legacy left behind by the Extreme E series, teams, and staff while detailing some of the steps which can be taken to reduce the impact of climate change.”

Image Credit: McLaren Racing

The Livery also carries the names of fans, employees, and the ‘C’ cipher to represent the work the Royal highness has done for McLaren.

The Extreme E launch is part of McLaren’s expansion into other aspects of motorsport.

It is also a part of their commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and their involvement in the Count Us In pledge.

Extreme E’s inaugural season has been a great success with one race to go. The series has incredible drivers and legendary team heads.

Double and current W-Series Champion Jamie Chadwick races for Veloce and double World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz Sr races for Acciona Sainz XE Team.

Seven-Time F1 World Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton has formed the X44 XE team F1 World Champions Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button also own teams.

Rosberg X Racing owner, Nico Rosberg, has also been in attendance at COP26.

Rosberg Is a climate activist himself and has always said how important electric racing is for the rest of the world.

He believes “motorsports has a unique opportunity with the amazing race-to-road transfer of technology to benefit the world at large”.

McLaren’s XE team looks like it’s going to be an exciting addition to the Extreme E calendar. It has a gorgeous livery, incredible drivers, an accomplished race engineer, and a great family home in McLaren.

Feature Image: McLaren Racing

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