Mazepin On Track To Become Next F1 Team Owner

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The Mazepin name could become a permanent feature on the grid in the near future, as Dmitry Mazepin has confirmed his interest in buying a Formula One team.

Dmitry Mazepin, the father of Nikita Mazepin, has revealed plans to become Formula One’s next team owner.

In an interview with Mazepin confirmed his ambitions and said:

“There are our long-term plans – we want to expand our presence in Formula 1. We have the Hitech team represented in Formula 2, 3 and 4. Ideally, the crown would be an F1 team and we want to own it.”

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The billionaire businessman is already the primary sponsor for the Haas F1 team and signed a “long-term” contract with the team at the beginning of 2021. His role as a benefactor played a major role in obtaining a seat in the team for his son, Nikita.

When asked about a possible buyout from current owner Gene Haas, Mazepin said:

“Not only that. At the moment we are not negotiating with anyone, because everyone has taken a break and is waiting for the cards to be revealed in 2022 – who will be successful and who will not.

“If suddenly some small teams become successful next season, their value and attractiveness will be different.”

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