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How can Verstappen win the title in Singapore?

Point breakdown to Verstappen securing the championship early in Singapore

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Red Bull’s Max Verstappen can take it all at the Singapore Grand Prix given exact point scenarios among his competitors.

Verstappen has won 11 races in this season so far. (Image Credit: F1 website)

The Dutchman is 116 points clear of his Ferrari rival, Charles Leclerc, and 125 points clear of his teammate Sergio Perez. Verstappen also being 132 and 148 points away from George Russell, and Carlos Sainz Jr.

Last week’s race at Monza eliminated Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton from being a contender for this year’s championship completely. What now stands in the way of Verstappen and the 2022 title are his contenders and his luck.

With how the season is going for Red Bull so far, F1 fans have ruled out the possibility of anyone other than Verstappen winning this year’s season. However, there is a way that Verstappen can take it all without having to wait for the Abu Dhabi GP in November. 

The right point finishes at Singapore can grant Verstappen the ultimate victory.

Simply, all Verstappen needs to do is outscore Leclerc by 22 points, Perez by 13 points, and George Russell by six points.

With the current points system used on the grid, there are many potential outcomes that can lead to Verstappen’s title win. For Singapore, there are two conditions that have to be met:

  • Verstappen must win the race
  • Full points (25) must be awarded, for which at least 46 of the 61 laps must be covered
For Verstappen to win the title:
If Verstappen does not set the fastest lap:
  • Leclerc must finish no higher than ninth
  • Perez must finish no higher than fourth, or fifth if he sets the fastest lap
If Verstappen sets the fastest lap:
  • Leclerc must finish no higher than eighth
  • Perez must finish no higher than fourth

Statistically speaking, if Singapore plays out in the same number game that’s mentioned, Verstappen is champion at Singapore. But, if it doesn’t, the world title stretches till Japan. Japan has its own numbers game where Verstappen can win the title.


Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, says that though things look positive for Red Bull’s and Verstappen’s 2022 victory, it’s not over yet.

“The championships are looking healthy, but it’s never done until it’s done. Singapore’s a completely different challenge” and “Ferrari are going to be strong there.”

Leclerc shared that Ferrari does have the pace in them to potentially win a few races, meaning the Scuderia haven’t given up hope and that he will not make it easy for Verstappen to end the championship early.

“We’ve shown that we’ve had a great reaction from Spa to Monza; we still need to keep in mind that these are not tracks that are good for our race car. But still we have shown a good pace, so I’m sure we can win some other races.”

Headline Image Credit:  F1 Official Website

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