2021 Turkish Grand Prix, Sunday - LAT Images

Masi on the duel between Perez and Hamilton: “I had a look at it”

FIA race director Michael Masi analyzed the reasons behind the decision not to penalize neither Sergio Perez nor Lewis Hamilton during the Turkish Grand Prix.

The most exciting moment of the Turkish Grand Prix came for a maybe unexpected duel between Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez, with the Mexican holding off the Brit to protect not only his personal position but also his teammate hopes for the Championship.

During the close battle, the Red Bull driver quickly ended up behind the pit bollard and safely rejoined track. However, it was in question whether the move could have been subjected to further penalties for any of the two drivers involved.

Race director Michael Masi clarified to the reasons behind the decision to not penalize the drivers involved: “I had a look at it, absolutely. But as our regulations state in the notes you only have to keep to the left of the bollard if you’re committed to entering pit lane.”

The FIA representative went further to admit how both teams did not ask for a review of the “accident”, considering what happened only a normal on-track duel: “So nothing in it. It was good, hard racing between the two of them. Neither team funnily enough raised the question, neither Mercedes nor Red Bull. Good hard fight, play on.”

Despite Perez complaining about Lewis Hamilton allegedly pushing him off track, Masi clarified how Red Bull did not go further in the protest: “[Perez’s] team did not relay a word. We don’t listen to every driver’s radio. And generally the teams are very good that if there’s an issue that they want reviewed, as you’re all well aware, the radio panel lights up very quickly!”

Headline Image: Mercedes AMG F1 Media Database

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