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Major official joins Mahindra after resigning from the FIA

Bertrand, a high up official, had left the FIA and has moved to a team.

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Frederic Bertrand had joined Mahindra racing after resigning from FIA Formula E operations.

Mahindra Racing’s Gen 3 car. The team published this concept car ahead of the Season 9 Gen 3 era. Credit: Mahindra Racing

A lot of the time in motorsport you see successful careers start at individual teams and then progress to the governing body. However, in an unusual turn of events, the new Mahindra CEO has done the opposite. Having worked with the FIA for over a decade, Bertrand has gone to work at the team level. This is just in time for the new Gen 3 Era.

Bertrand has played a major role in developing Formula E and has put a lot of work into getting it to where it is today. He was with the FIA for just over a decade before he resigned from his role as Director of Racing activities and will move to Mahindra for the next season.

What he had to say…

Excited to be in a new position, Bertrand said on social media that he will “take care of Mahindra” and “push hard” to try and win races in this new era of racing.

He also gave insight into his new role and how excited he is to be involved in racing from a team standpoint.

I am delighted and extremely excited to be joining Mahindra Group to lead its racing activities

As mentioned earlier, Bertrand has been involved with Formula E since its inception (pretty much) so has obviously learnt a lot about them. On this topic, he stated:

“I have been privileged to witness the growth of the Mahindra Formula E team and feel proud to have now been entrusted with driving the team to even greater performance and results.”

Not only has Bertrand been involved in Formula E but he has been heavily involved in the Gen3 era and is likely to provide great insight to Mahindra, much to all the other teams’ dismay.

Mahindra has said they too are excited about their future partnership. They praised Frederic’s career and spoke about how he could benefit the team.

Frederic brings with him an excellent combination of automobile industry expertise coupled with a specialised focus on motorsports.

This is a big year for Formula E in general but an even bigger year for Mahindra. The Indian-based team is ecstatic to have an Indian race in Hyderabad. This is not the only new race as a Sao Paulo E-Prix has been confirmed to take place this season too.

The news of Bertrand’s appointment at Mahindra would have been one of gloom for all other teams as he is one of the most knowledgable men in the sport. Let’s see how he gets on at his first season with a Formula E team.

Feature Image: Mahindra Racing

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