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Magnussen Explains How Becoming a Father Has Made Him a Better Driver

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In the latest episode of Beyond the Grid, Kevin Magnussen discussed – amongst many other things – how fatherhood has changed his approach to Formula 1.

The Dane explains how in the first part of his career if he wasn’t performing on the track, he would be miserable off it, but that after a year out – during which time he became a father – he has a new outlook on racing.

“I think having a kid certainly gives you… it moves around all your priorities in life. Like Formula 1 is still super important, but it’s not the most important thing in your life.

“Something else is more important, like your family is more important, like the life outside of F1 related to anything with your family, that life is the most important. Before it wasn’t, Formula 1 was absolutely the most important thing. I thought that happiness was one-to-one related with F1 – at least that’s how it felt. If it wasn’t going well on track, my whole life was a misery and it’s not like that anymore. It feels very different.”

Image credit: LAT Images.

Asked if he believes this new perspective has made him a better driver, Magnussen said: “I think so. It certainly feels like I am able to enjoy it more. I feel like it’s all just like a bonus, all like just a gift somehow, and I can just have fun…”

The 29-year-old’s life has certainly changed considerably during his 12 months away from the sport, and so have the team which he has rejoined.

Haas appeared to be heading in the wrong direction during Magnussen’s previous season in 2020, and they then spent 2021 at the very back.

But that was largely due to the team concentrating on the new regulations for the 2022 season, and that decision has seen them move back up the grid, with Magnussen even able to finish fifth at the season-opener in Bahrain.

He believes that he still has more performance to find, however, as he gets back up to speed with the demands of F1.

“The hardest thing has been my neck because you can train your neck, but it doesn’t get you fit to drive an F1 car. You’re still completely messed up after the first day in the car, so the first two races were quite tough on the neck.

“I reckon probably another two months, now I’ve had one month of being an F1 driver again and being fully into training again, living the F1 life where you train every day and focus on your fitness.”

Headline image credit: Kevin Magnussen Instagram.

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