London Grand Prix Coming To Formula One

Planners have secured funding for a Grand Prix in London's East End.

Advanced talks have begun to bring Formula One to London with a street circuit around the cities East End and Royal Docks.

With the full support of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Britain’s capital is closer than ever to hosting its first F1 Grand Prix. The news comes after US investment firm 777 Partners secured funding to build the street circuit alongside a new sports complex in the borough of Newham.

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The founder of 777 Partners, Josh Wander, said:

“We are hopeful that it is coming. We are hugely excited about it”

‘There will be an electric atmosphere as the greatest athletes in the world, along with an international fanbase and the world’s largest companies as sponsors, descend on the Docks for race weekend.

The proposed race acts as one of the centrepieces in Sadiq Khan’s vision to rejuvenate east London and wants the London Grand Prix to be the most eco-friendly event on the race calendar.

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The investment promises to breathe new life into the East End and help compete against the Miami Grand Prix, which is making its first appearance on the F1 calendar in 2022.

F1 bosses Toto Wolff and Christian Horner have already spoken out in support of the race but no official date for its arrival has been announced as of yet.

Intricate details of the circuit are still to be revealed but it has been confirmed that its inclusion within the F1 race calendar will not threaten the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

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