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Logan Sargeant ignores ‘irrelevant’ F1 critics

The Williams racer believes people don't expect much from American drivers in the realm of Formula 1

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Williams Racing driver Logan Sargeant thinks F1 fans “expect less” from Americans in the sport, as he tries to prove his worth and remain on the grid beyond 2024.

The Williams Racing trackside team come together for a team photo.
Sargeant (left) renewed his contract with Williams for another year until the end of 2024 (Image Credit: @WilliamsRacing on X)

While the 23-year-old struggled to match the results of impressive teammate Alexander Albon, a point at his home race at the United States Grand Prix and steady improvement throughout 2023 warranted a contract renewal until the end of the upcoming 2024 campaign.

The American found favour with Williams Team Principal James Vowles, who believed Sargeant “demonstrated immense skill whilst under the pressure of the world stage”.

However, his career in F1 hasn’t been without a fair bit of criticism. Sargeant endured a particularly rough patch of form partway through the 2023 season, crashing heavily during Qualifying for the Japanese Grand Prix and retiring from heat exhaustion at the following Qatar Grand Prix.

His lack of poor performances drew disapproval from Vowles, who said he must be “more consistent”, which Sargeant himself lamenting a poor campaign with “nothing to be satisfied about”.

Sargeant chooses to ignore his haters

Fortunately, Sargeant found form when it mattered most as the year drew to a close, putting in consistent performances in the final few rounds to retain his seat for another year.

But he will most likely need to score more points and put up a fight against teammate Albon in 2024 to further extend his career in the sport.

Speaking to Autosport, Sargeant chooses to focus on himself and those that are helping him to progress up the ladder in F1. He also highlighted a certain prejudice he feels is directed not only to him, but all American drivers.

He said: “I think people think and expect less from an American driver.”

“But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter, because as long as the people who matter sort of know what’s going on, and know what you’re capable of, that’s all that matters. So the external noise is just realistically completely irrelevant.”

“You just do your job, you keep working hard, and you work with the people who can make a difference to your career, and you do your best for them.”

“They also try to help you move forward as well. And that’s all you can really do. So as long as the people who need to know, know, then the rest is completely irrelevant.”

Feature Image Credit: Getty Images

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