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Lewis Hamilton
MONTREAL, QUEBEC - JUNE 19: Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 Team seen during the F1 Grand Prix of Canada at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve on June 19, 2022 in Montreal, Quebec. (Photo by Patrice Lapointe ATPImages/Getty Images)

Lewis Hamilton opens up his ‘stupid’ misogynistic comments

Hamilton told his nephew that "boys don't wear dresses" in 2017

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Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has recently opened up about the misogynistic comments he made towards his nephew in 2017, where he told his young nephew who was dressed as a princess, that “boys don’t wear dresses”. The 37-year-old says the remarks were “stupid”, labelling the time as an “ignorant moment”.

On Christmas day 2017, Hamilton posted a video of himself mocking his nephew on his Instagram story.

“I’m so sad right now… look at my nephew,” said the F1 driver.

“Why are you wearing a princess dress?”

“Is this what you got for Christmas?

“Why did you ask for a princess dress for Christmas?

“Boys don’t wear princess dresses!”

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Hamilton lifted the lid on the swiftly deleted video.

“That was so stupid.”

“I realised that a lot of my upbringing was coming out,” he admitted.

“I went with just an ignorant moment. And I straight away realised that that’s not actually how I feel deep inside.

“I’m just not the kind of person that wants to ever hurt anybody.

“The idea that I could have hurt somebody through a stupid post or just from something I said, again through ignorance, just reminded me of how I had felt from the experiences that I had had.

“And I was like, how am I projecting that?

“I realized that was wrong.

“And so then finding ways of not necessarily undoing it, but showing that community that I support them. It’s difficult in today’s world. It’s difficult to undo things.”

Hamilton apologised for the mistake he made, privately educating himself on the matter as well as posing on the front cover of GQ in a kilt. The Brit travelled to Disneyland in Paris with his extended family and bought his nephew a brand new princess dress to parade around in.

“What’s crazy is,” he reflects now, “you have to learn something from a six-year-old.”

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