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Lewis Hamilton on his F1 future: “Time will tell”

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Lewis Hamilton has a chance in 2021 to win a record breaking 8 world titles, putting him at the top of the greatest of all time list. Despite this success, he only signed a one year extension to his contract at the end of 2020, so in the summer he will find himself out of a drive. Is the best driver of all time likely to leave when he’s in the form of his life? 

Hamilton has said he is in no rush to decide his future. Speaking to Autosport he said: “Time will tell, I guess. It’s not like it’s my first rodeo, I think I’ve been in this position where at least I’ve been asked the question for a period of time. I don’t really feel pressured in that sense. Naturally, I continue to have huge belief in, and always bet on, myself in terms of I know what it takes to deliver.”

“I think I have an extraordinary relationship with Mercedes that’s incredibly deep and I think there’s more than just racing that we will probably end up doing together,” he added. As you’ve already seen with the foundation, there are a lot of great things we will do moving forwards.

“That will be a constant discussion through the year, I’m sure. And in terms of whether this is where I want to continue, if this is the road I want to continue down, it will come to me, I’m sure.

“I’m fully invested in this season and in delivering. I still love what I do. I’m just generally in a fortunate position that I don’t have to commit to multiple years. So I chose to have a one-year deal so I could see how the year goes.”

Hamilton has raced every lap of his F1 career in a Mercedes powered car, and its likely he’ll want to finish in a Mercedes powered car, so many feel it’s a case of renew contract or bust for Lewis. The Brit has also hinted at a non racing role within Mercedes, perhaps fulfilling a role similar to the one the late, great, Niki Lauda held.

Mercedes have been great to Lewis, and Lewis has been great to Mercedes. But will this relationship continue into 2022? Let us know your thoughts on Formulanerds social media!

#weraceasone initiative to continue in 2021 – with some changes



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