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Russell not worried about Hamilton in bid for Mercedes seat

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On the surface it may seem George Russell’s career is at a stalemate at the moment, it all seems to be resting on if Lewis Hamilton signs a new Mercedes contract. But the Williams driver isn’t worried as he feels Hamilton’s decisions will not play a defining role in his career.

Russell got his chance to show his potential in the Sakhir Grand Prix last season and boy did he prove his haters wrong. He outperformed Bottas (sad Valtteri noises) and left many feeling he needs a spot in the Mercedes sooner than 2022/2023. Russell commented on the weekend by saying “I went into it with the approach that it’s not going to break my career but could potentially make it and I think it was a massive stepping stone to, I hope, a long future in F1 to come. I was really grateful for the chance, obviously not in the circumstances I would have wished, but nevertheless with the short notice we had, it gave me a chance to show what I can do from the front.”

George was also keen to outline that Lewis congratulated him after the race, but maintains Lewis won’t shape his career, saying: To receive such high praise means a huge amount, but equally I don’t let it affect me because Lewis isn’t going to make a difference in my career.”

No one yet knows what Lewis’ plans are for 2021, but it is surely only a matter of time before George gets another chance for the champions.

  1. Give the lad his chance in a Mercedes, he`s proved what he can do in one. Hamilton is now too greedy (as if he needs it!)

  2. Can’t understand some of the comments that Hamilton gets from people. Firstly he isn’t greedy . He is by far the best f1 driver ever . Sure the car helps but it’s his driving ability that makes the difference. He deserves the wage. This guy came from nothing. A council housing estate. And being of colour as well . He isn’t one of the guys who’s daddy is worth millions. He is breaking every record going . Loo at vettle . Sure he has won 4 f1 championships but hasn’t done anything for years . As for max ver he has had a great cars for years but still nothing. He can’t match Lewis no way . So get off the guys back

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