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Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in Melbourne
Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in Melbourne

Leclerc on the Australian GP: ‘Everything went wrong’

The Ferrari driver was forced to retire on the first lap due to a collision with Lance Stroll

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No luck again for Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc. The Monegasque was forced to retire from the Australian GP on the first lap following a collision with Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll, finishing yet another disappointing weekend in the 2023 season. 

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in Melbourne
Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in Melbourne. Image Credit: Ferrari Press Office

Throughout the weekend in Melbourne, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc did not seem completely at ease with the SF-23. Qualifying saw a misunderstanding within the team which led to missing out on a last attempt at the pole position. Then, Leclerc’s race was over before it even began after an incident on the first lap saw him stuck in the gravel.

No hard feelings towards the other driver, however, with the crash being considered an unfortunate racing incident, as Leclerc told Sky Sport F1:

‘If I was frustrated with how qualifying went? I see it in a different way. I had put aside yesterday’s frustration, I knew the race was long. I looked at the on boards, in Turn 1 I was very careful, and in Turn 3 there was space on the outside during braking. But Fernando had to brake even more because he had cars in front, and this led Lance to put himself in a place between me and Fernando, it’s not Lance’s fault: I think it’s more of a race accident.’

On his side, the Monegasque had hardly any relief since the start of the season. At first, a technical failure in Bahrain led to a DNF. Then, the same issues resulted in a 10-position penalty in Saudi Arabia with Leclerc finishing seventh. Now, yet another problem in Australia.

Not hiding his disappointment, he went on to comment: ‘The frustration is strong, because in the end it’s been three weekends that everything went wrong between the problems and the penalty, and now this incident. The season is long, but we have few points and we have to bounce back. ‘

Headline Image: Ferrari Media

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