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Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in Zandvoort
Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in Zandvoort

Leclerc on Monza: ‘We should be more competitive here’

The Ferrari driver discussed the team's form ahead of the Italian GP

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Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc discussed the team’s form ahead of the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. According to the Monegasque, the Italian circuit suits better the SF-23 but the main issue surrounding the car remains unpredictability. 

Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in Zandvoort
Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc in Zandvoort. Image credit: @Scuderia Ferrari Press Office

With the Circus heading to Monza this weekend, Ferrari will have all eyes on them as Tifosi always expect greatness from the team and, despite the recent lack of performance, the cheers of the Tifosi will be heard all over the track.

In Thursday’s press conference, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc went on to discuss the recent lack of performance in the SF-23, as Zandvoort provided another delusion for the team: “I think we had some confirmation of what we expected, so we’ve got a lot of work to do now and find solutions to our problems and the weakness of the car – but it’s even clearer, compared to before, where we are lacking at the moment.”

According to the Monegasque, the biggest problem encountered by the car is “the unpredictability, especially on tracks where we have a bit more downforce. It becomes really, extremely tricky to drive, and we’ve got big changes of balance through the same corner and, as a driver, it’s very difficult to get into a corner not really knowing what balance you are going to get. So, that’s where we need to work at the moment.”

Leclerc: ‘A bit more competitive in Monza’

Despite the harsh conditions though, Leclerc maintains a cautious optimism as the track features are supposed to fit the SF-23 better than Zandvoort and have the Tifosi dreaming of a good result at home: “It’s not exactly like Spa but these track characteristics are closer to the ones of Spa than Zandvoort and Budapest, so we should be a bit more competitive here. Then, whether it will be enough to fight for the podium, I don’t know but I really hope so and we will do everything for it, for sure.”

Leclerc then also thanked the fans for their support throughout the season and in Monza especially: “We are lucky enough that driving for Ferrari we’ve got support everywhere but when we come to Italy, obviously it’s on a different level. So a very busy week, but also a very exciting one. I’m sure it motivates the whole team. So we are really looking to go out on track and hopefully have a great result this weekend.”

Headline Image: Ferrari Media

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