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Lando Norris at Suzuka
SUZUKA, JAPAN - OCTOBER 09: Lando Norris of Great Britain driving the (4) McLaren MCL36 Mercedes on track during the F1 Grand Prix of Japan at Suzuka International Racing Course on October 09, 2022 in Suzuka, Japan. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

Lando Norris on ‘scary’ Japanese Grand Prix

Norris scored the final point up for grabs, but not without some issues

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Lando Norris shared his ‘scary’ experience at Suzuka as Verstappen becomes a two-time World Champion. 

Lando Norris at Suzuka
Lando Norris ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix. Image Credit: Peter J Fox via Getty Images

The Japanese Grand Prix was delayed for two hours due to poor weather conditions in Suzuka. Norris, who started P10 before the delay, was finding himself slipping and sliding on the track and subsequently losing track positions. After a quick pit to inters, he managed to work his way back to finish the race tenth.

A tough race for Norris

In his post-race interview, Norris said:

“One point is better than nothing. I think I was P14 or 15 on the restart so I’m happy. It’s one point, it’s not a lot.”

He was seemingly downbeat in his post-race interviews due to the weather conditions. Norris’ former team-mate Carlos Sainz spun out on the first lap and was out of the race, proving just how tricky these conditions can be. Norris has been very candid on just how hard it can be:

“It’s impossible for us to describe to the viewers or to you just how bad it is, how scary it is, being in that situation. […] You genuinely cannot see 10 metres ahead of you. If you’re going at 150, 180mph and a car stops like Carlos’s, you don’t see them until its too late basically.”

Anger over Gasly incident

Norris is very vocal on how challenging and frustrating this type of racing can be. After an incident involving Pierre Gasly and a recovery tractor, he tweeted:

Gasly has visited the stewards and has been given a 20-second time penalty and two penalty points on his license for speeding under red flags. Yet Norris’s stance is clear on the matter. 

The loss of life that Norris refers to is that of Jules Bianchi. Binachi was racing in very wet conditions at Suzuka in 2014 when he lost control and collided with a recovery vehicle. He was placed into a coma and died in 2015. 

Bianchi’s father shared an Instagram post relating his son’s death to Gasly’s on-track incident at Suzuka. Many are drawing comparisons between these incidents including Sergio Perez, who said that this is a similar “mistake” to that in 2014.

Norris did share in his interview that after the restart of the race the conditions improved significantly. So much so, that he managed to score a point. He finished behind Williams’ Nicholas Latifi who scored his first points of the season.

Featured Image Credit: Clive Mason via Getty Images

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