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Lando Norris: “Hardest Race I’ve Ever Done”

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Lando Norris suffered an unfortunate medical situation at the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Brit performed a decent drive yet was unwell while experiencing tonsillitis in Barcelona.

He even missed the post-race media sessions to attend medical checks.

Lando shared,

Today was tough. I was feeling really unwell before the race as I’m suffering with tonsillitis, and that, in combination with the high temperatures, made this one of the hardest races I’ve ever done. I’ve been a bit on the backfoot this weekend as most of my energy has been spent fighting off this illness. I’ve had to miss a lot of engineering sessions, which has compromised my weekend, and I definitely wasn’t as prepared for the Grand Prix as I could have been. With that in mind, I’m really pleased to have come out of the race with decent points for the team.

Norris looked exhausted coming out of his MCL36 car. A doctor was on call to provide a full health check.

He added, “The team have been working really hard to bring performance to the car, so I’m glad we could take something from the weekend. We’ll look at the data over the next few days, see if there’s any additional performance we can extract from the car and make sure we’re ready to go for Monaco.

Despite all of this, the 22-year old managed to finish P8 for the McLaren team. Lando is seventh with 39 points in the driver standings. McLaren is fourth with 50 points in the constructor standings.

With the Monaco Grand Prix coming up in a few days time, let’s hope he has a speedy recovery.

Headline Image Credit: F1.

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