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Lammers: “Max hasn’t dominated” in 2022

Jan Lammers is a former F1 driver, and is now the sporting director for the Dutch Grand Prix

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Max Verstappen’s 15 wins in 2022 does not mean he dominated the season, according to former F1 driver, Jan Lammers.

Max Verstappen got his 15th win at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (Image Credit: F1 website)

With 15 wins this year, Verstappen has broken the record for most wins in a single season. On top of this accomplishment, the Dutchman claimed the Driver’s Championship early in the Japanese Grand Prix. He led his competition with a reasonable points difference for much of the year, but it did not start out this way.

Verstappen was over 40 points behind Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc after the Australian Grand Prix. The RB18 was itself, initially struggling as well. 

The climb for Verstappen from P6 in the standings after Australia, to ultimately P1 and an accumulated 454 points was hard work.

Jan Lammers

Lammers rejected the idea that it came easy for Verstappen saying:

“I don’t know if all of us realise how special this year was. Of course we have the record with 15 wins from Max. That is really special.”

“Usually such victories come from dominance but the most special thing of all is Max hasn’t dominated. The last few races looked easy but he still had to fight for it and even started the season with a bit of adversity.”

“When you look at all the races won that way, then that is very special. Every motorsport enthusiast should be grateful that you are part of this generation.”

Consistent performance throughout the weekend is important. However, race performance on Sunday is the ultimate decider. Verstappen was beaten by Leclerc in the number of pole positions, 7 to 9, but his Sunday race pace made up for it. 

“I think what he’s done this year is just the Max he’s been since he was 14, 15 or 16. Of course you learn to distribute your efforts better during the weekend.

“You often want to be the fastest in the first round on Friday. But people who are getting older just realise that they only have to be three feet ahead and that’s Sunday afternoon.”

“Max is someone who is always there and always on. George Russell comes closest in that regard. He is also a constant performer. Statistically it was Max’s best season, but I think he’s always been like that.”

Lammers applauded not only Verstappen, but also Red Bull on their hard work and good strategies to turn the season around in their favor.

“From both his team and him. If you make up the score after three races, the philosophy is that only rest can save you. So keep your head calm and make your analyses soberly.

“In the end, it’s just choosing the right thought and take the right actions. That determines whether you overcome your success. Red Bull has done that from their potential.”

Headline Image Credit: @there_is_no_if on Twitter


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