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Enzo Fittipaldi at Formula E in Berlin

Junior Drivers Embrace Formula E: Insights from Enzo Fittipaldi and Tim Tramnitz

Enthusiastic Perspectives and Preparations Ahead of Berlin Rookie Test

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In the realm of Formula 1, with Formula 2 champions often sidelined, the perspective shifts towards Formula E as a promising alternative, as echoed by junior drivers Enzo Fittipaldi and Tim Tramnitz ahead of the rookie test in Berlin.

Tim Tramnitz at Formula E in Berlin
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The initial situation

It is unavoidable to look for alternatives when Formula 2 champions often sit on the bench for more than a year (such as Oscar Piastri) or are not given a seat in Formula 1 and take on reserve driver roles (such as Felipe Drugovich or Theo Pourchaire). The foresight to look at other categories to move forward seems essential – and Formula E is a promising alternative.

Recently, FormulaNerds spoke to Bruno Michel, the F2 and F3 CEO, who had a similar view. He emphasised the significance of Formula E as a pathway for drivers who may not immediately secure seats in Formula 1. Acknowledging the limited availability of F1 seats and the fierce competition within the sport, Michel viewed the influx of F2 drivers into Formula E as a positive development.

Talking to rookies testing in Berlin
Fittipaldi on the chance to learn from Formula E drivers

Enzo Fittipaldi and Tim Tramnitz echoed Michel’s sentiments, expressing enthusiasm for the transition to Formula E and emphasising the opportunities it presents for learning and growth.

Fittipaldi praised Formula E for its exhilarating races and high level of competition. The Brazilian F2 driver, who is currently 6th in the standings, explained when asked by FormulaNerds about the situation:

“I mean, it’s obviously a very fun championship. The races are chaotic.

“I mean, the race today was really fun to watch and I’m sure the drive must be even more fun. And yeah, it’s a really cool series, very professional, very, very highly competitive. The level of drivers is extremely high. And yeah, I think it’s a really cool championship.

When asked about his preparation for the rookie test he is doing for Jaguar TSC in Berlin, Fittipaldi explained:

“We did some simulator work last week at the factory. Then my seat fit.

“And then I was here basically all weekend following Mitch [Evans] and Nick [Cassidy]. And yeah, listening to all the briefings and just trying to learn as much as possible.”

Tramnitz on his final goal

Tramnitz, currently in his first season in F3, underscored the complexity of the Formula E car and its potential to enhance drivers’ skills.

“Primarily, I feel it’s important for me to learn. I believe that we can take away a lot from Formula E, or even learn things that we haven’t encountered in Formula 3 yet, because the car is simply much more complex, and you can adjust many more things.

“But with Red Bull, the focus is clearly towards Formula 1.”

When asked about the weeks leading up to the rookie test he is doing for Abt Cupra, he told FormulaNerds:

“Just working with the team. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to sit in the simulator due to the preparation for the doubleheader we have with Imola and Monaco [in F3].

“Mainly just discussing things, we’ll go through everything again shortly. And I already know the car. It’s not the first time I’m sitting in it. So, I should know the car.”

From Formula 2 to Formula E, the journey to success is marked by resilience, adaptability, and a commitment to excellence.

Feature Image Credit: Daniel Bürgin

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