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In his first season with Mercedes, George Russell scored 49 points after finishing in the top five in all Grand Prix.

The Brit is the only driver on the grid to achieve this record this season so far. A remarkable streak considering the poor performance car Mercedes have. Lewis Hamilton on the other hand only achieved 28 points. Some cannot get their head around how the seven-time World Champion cannot push his car as much as Russell can.

George Russell spent three years in a Williams and it was no easy feat for the then-rookie. In his first years in Formula One, Russell had to hope that he can show that he was a good driver but his car disappointed him many times.

Despite this, Russell still managed to achieve a podium in the Belgian Grand Prix in 2021 and managed to put his car through some qualifying sessions too. Sky Sports did not hesitate to make him Mr Saturday.

His great drives are being recognised by those on the paddock and John Watson made his comments about it too.

John Watson’s Comments

The five-time Grand Prix winner praised George Russell for his performances and the way he is getting on with the team.

Despite outperforming Lewis Hamilton, Russell did not let this get to his head. He still respects the fact that Lewis is one of the best drivers of all time. Russell also respects the team and helps as much as he can to help improve Lewis’ performance and the team’s overall.

He said, “I think you can’t state highly enough what he has done in the first four races. I think the way he’s conducted himself within the team and within the media. He’s not standing in the front and taking the limelight, he’s respecting Lewis’ legacy. At the same time, he’s doing an absolutely blinding job, and his drive [at Imola] on Sunday was an outstanding drive.”

Watson was asked to comment on the gap between Russell and Hamilton in Imola. Hamilton found himself stuck behind Pierre Gasly’s AlphaTauri. Meanwhile, Russell managed to recover some positions and finish in fourth place.

The ex-McLaren driver said, “Had the circumstances been the other way around, would George have done a better job than Lewis behind Gasly or not? I suspect probably not. George had a very good first lap and gained positions, and found himself in a much easier situation than Lewis. Lewis found himself bogged down in the middle of cars; he’s got cars around him, behind, on top of him.

“If that had been last year’s car, as we saw [in the Sprint race] in Brazil, he would have picked them off, but he’s not on that car. He hasn’t got that advantage over his competitors that he had in 2021.”

John Watson’ Career

Watson made his debut in Formula One in 1973 with Hexagon of Highgate with Brabham cars. He started one race before he went on to have 15 the next year.

His first win came in 1976 with Penske-Ford at the Austrian Gran Prix.

He joined McLaren in 1979 and achieved four other wins with the team. His first win with the Silverstone Grand Prix was in 1981. He then won the 1982 Belgian Grand Prix, having Keke Rosberg following him in second and Eddie Cheever in third. That year, he also won the first-ever Detroit Grand Prix held after he started from seventeenth on the grid. His last win came in the USA Grand Prix West, when he and his teammate Niki Lauda at the time, achieved a one-two for McLaren.

Head Image Credit: Daily Express

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