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Jenson Button to return to full-time racing next year

Jenson Button has revealed that he plans to return to a full-time racing schedule for 2024

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Jenson Button has announced his plans to do a “full season” of car racing in 2024, but not in Formula 1.

Jenson Button pictured driving NASCAR Garage 56’s Camaro at Le Mans. Image Credit: Getty Images

Since retiring from Formula 1 in 2017, Jenson Button has not sat idly. The 2009 World Champion has since competed in the Japanese Super GT (which he won) and many other one-off races in different series. Most recently, he drove unclassified at this year’s 24 hours of Le Mans race for a NASCAR project.

Since this drive, which he said he “loved”, Button has stated that he’ll likely be driving in a series for a full season in 2024. Despite driving odd races in NASCAR, Button has said that he will be competing in an endurance series whether that be the World Endurance Championship or the IMSA Sportscar Championship.

Why is he returning to full-time racing?

Since retiring from Formula 1, Button has stated that he has driven in the different series’ purely for the love of it.

“I have jumped around doing lots of different things over the years, basically because I wanted to race in those series, and I’ve been very lucky to be able to jump into certain cars and race.”

However, Button has spoken about the reasons behind why he wants to return to full-time racing. One of them is that he thinks his potential is best used over a whole season rather than one-off races.

“It’s great doing one-off races but you don’t get the best out of yourself, and that’s why doing three races here in Cup is really good because I get to spend more time with the team and in the simulator and really get to work with my engineer, my crew chief to develop the skills between us and to develop an understanding.”

Since achieving his original goal of the F1 driver’s World Championship, Button is now driving for the pure love of the sport.

“I think a lot of drivers, they’re at the top level of one category, they’re worried about stepping out of their comfort zone, trying something new and not being as competitive.”

“I feel I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ve won the world championship in F1, I achieved what I set out to do. Now I’m going racing because I love racing.”

Button has competed in a handful of World Endurance Races in previous seasons. He even reached the podium. However, does he have it in him to win the whole series?

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