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Japanese manufacturer to supply F1 wheel rims in 2022

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With the new Formula 1 season in 2022, the sport will use new regulations. These include the larger 18-inch wheels. It has now been revealed who got the exclusive contract for standardised wheel rims.

Competition for this position is fierce as Formula 1 becomes more and more interesting for car manufacturers. They can present the latest and best technologies that will shape the future.

Not only has a deal been struck with F1, but the NASCAR series will also take on the wheel rim manufacturer.

According to information from Nikkei, BBS Japan will take on this task. BBS Japan is a wheel manufacturer under the leadership of the Maedakosen Group. They supply similar rims and tyres for luxury and sports cars from Japan, Europe and the USA.

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Takahiro Maeda, president of the group, said:

“We want to play up the fact that the wheels we sell commercially are made in the same facilities and using the same processes as the F1 and NASCAR wheels.”

Today, the Japanese company produces all forged wheels for the German brand BBS and supplied wheels for Aston Martin in 2021.

The company will announce the contracts at the Tokyo Auto Salon, which starts on Friday.

For Formula 1, the contract runs for four years, for NASCAR for three years.

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