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Jake Dennis, Avalanche Andretti Formula E Press Conference

‘I’m pretty relaxed’: Jake Dennis on the precipice of taking Formula E title

The British driver has a strong track record around the London circuit

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Jake Dennis teeters on the edge of becoming the 2023 Formula E World Champion.

Jake Dennis celebrates win at the 2022 London E-Prix
Jake Dennis won the opening round of last year’s London E-Prix. (Image credit: Eurosport)

The title-deciding London E-Prix gets underway on Saturday. Avalanche Andretti’s Jake Dennis heads into the weekend as champion apparent, with a 24-point lead over Envision’s Nick Cassidy. 

There’s almost a sense of poetry to the situation Jake Dennis finds himself in. If all goes well for Dennis, he will become the first British Formula E champion. What’s more, Dennis would be crowned as such at his home race. There’s an atmosphere of anticipation among fans, a sizeable hint of expectation. Jake Dennis, however, appears to be fairly calm about it all. 

Speaking to members of the accredited press, including FormulaNerds, Jake Dennis shared his thoughts on the weekend ahead. When asked about his current strong form, Dennis was quick to acknowledge the performance of championship rivals Nick Cassidy and Mitch Evans.

“I think all of us are on a really good run of form, we’re not in this position by chance,” said Dennis. “We’re all driving well, we’re all performing at a really high level.” 

Going well around London

Jake Dennis could, perhaps, be set apart from the rest by his strong track record at the London circuit, having won there twice before. But this is a fact that Dennis doesn’t appear to lend too much importance to.

“I think obviously this track has suited what I’ve had in the past, the BMW powertrain obviously was working extremely well here,” said the Brit. “I mean, I don’t come into this race expecting to do what I did then, it’s a complete reset.” 

He added, “All these guys know how to drive, I just had a better car than them these past couple of years at this track.”

“I’ll take it a session at a time, but I’m feeling confident, I’m pretty relaxed,” Dennis continued. “And yeah, just looking forward to jumping back in the car, I’m really enjoying this year, I’m enjoying every session.” 

Jake Dennis’ outlook on his championship-winning chances is equally as mellow as his approach to the upcoming race weekend. “If it’s meant to be, it’ll be,” said Dennis. “If not, then that’s it.”

Featured Image Credit: Sam Bloxham via Formula E Media Bank

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