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Is Verstappen written into Hamilton’s Contract?

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The Hamilton contract rumours continue to swirl. More and more sources are saying a deal is now agreed, and more importantly, the latest rumours say Hamilton WILL have a veto on his teammate, and that veto involves Max Verstappen.

According to insiders, Hamilton now seems likely to sign a one year contract with the option to extend for a further year, with his salary remaining at an estimated 40 million euros per year, as well as having two advertising spaces on his overalls and helmet.

Some insiders are suggesting that this teammate clause is also being called the ‘Verstappen clause’. It’s no secret that Toto Wolff greatly admires the Dutchman, but many believe Hamilton would not want Max as his teammate, as he poses him too much of a threat. Hamilton’s veto will mean he can keep Verstappen away from the team until he leaves.

Could we be looking at a Verstappen/Bottas or a Verstappen/Russell lineup in 2023? Let us know your thoughts on Formulanerds social media!



  1. Hamilton knows that he can be beaten so demands a veto. How pathetic is this man? Has not got the courage/guts/internal fortitude to compete against them on equal terms. Just a coward who will never be remembered as a man who was able to face and beat the best. Cant wait to see Russell and or Verstappen in a Merc.

    1. What a total &^^%%, terrified of competition from anyone that could beat him on a regular basis,obviously going to be champion again in the bestcar and choosing his team mate

  2. Verstappen Russel combination seems the most likely when Lewis retires. Red Bull are still challengers but Mercedes will not always be top dog for many years Ferrari where top dogs . Look what happened to them ?

  3. I think it’s mostly noise and bluster. It’s not in Toto’s / Mercedes interests to have two number 1 drivers in their team. Only one can be champion, and only one team can be constructor championship. It’s already being accomplished. Any team worth their salt wouldn’t put these two together at the same time.

  4. Surprises me that some of you are getting disgruntled by a rumour which is probably made up and not even a matter of fact or based on sound information 🙂

    1. You got it and so many didn’t. Furthermore, Hamilton doesn’t want a troublemaker in the team.

  5. ………to say nothing about the danger of two ultra-competitive drivers taking one-another out with monotonous regularity!!!

  6. Lewis is the guy who was beating one of the ultra greats, Fernando Alonso, in his rookie season. Lewis also had a massive impact in the development of the Merc – just look at the improvement in its performance after he joined. Lewis also won his first title in a car that was far from the best. Max was looking at having it all his own way, but George Russell and Clarles L C will make future titles a three-way fight. Just accept that Lewis is the greatest of all time.

    1. To try to claim “greatest of all time” is foolish. There have been so many different greats in so many different cars at different points in history under completely different racing conditions. To make such a brash statement discredits all who came before and is simply wrong. He is the right man in the right place (Mercedes) at the right time (in the window of Merc dominance – which WILL end at some point). There have been others of his caliber, there will still yet be more to come.

  7. So disappointing if true. I am sure Hamilton would love to be regarded as the best. But how can he be if he has inferior team mates. If Hamilton went out and beat Verstappen head to head, then he would unanimously be regarded as the best if he won the 8th world title. I think we can all agree that Bottas is just a good team man for Mercedes but is no where near capable of challenging for titles. The sooner Russell arrives in the Merce the better it will be for spectators and F1 as a business.

  8. We’ll see what this year tells us. If Checo goes the way of all Max’s other team mates, I think there could be 18 Drivers in the field with a Verstappen Clause next time they negotiate their contracts. What makes an F1 driver great is not the most bravery, the fastest laps or the best starts, it’s the ability to perform consistently week after week, to learn from mistakes and never make them again, to control the urge to go faster and burn out the car or tyres. To analyse the car and feedback to engineers for improvement. I sincerely hope that when Hamilton has won his eighth and set the bar for everyone else, he signs for a team like Williams, and then we’ll see that back marker team return to the front in three years with Lewis driving their development.

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