Is DTS S4 The Best? The Numbers Say Yes…

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Drive to Survive Season 4 launched less than a month ago yet Liberty Media is already saying it’s the best performing season yet.

The 10 episode season, that focused mainly on the 2021’s Lewis vs Max battle has done extremely well on Netflix. When the newest season was launched, Drive to Survive went No.1 in 33 countries.

This number has grown from last season when it went No.1 in 27 countries.

Greg Maffei, the Liberty Media CEO announced that Netflix went No.1 in 33 countries earlier this week at the launch of the new Las Vegas Grand Prix. interestingly, many believe The Las Vegas Grand Prix is a result of Drive to Survive’s a success.

Drive to Survive’s impact on F1 in America was visible at last year’s US Grand Prix. The addition of the Miami Grand Prix this year demonstrates the hold F1 now has in the United States.

It is believed that Drive to Survive is what caused the resurgence of American Formula One fans.

When Drive to Survive was first released, in 2019, the viewing figures were nowhere near today’s. Season 3’s viewership was 20% up on Season 1 and it looks like Season 4 is on track to beat that.

Maeffi stated that “The season four audience is already larger than the season three audience. So it’s a huge success”.

The Max vs Lewis battle was credited as a partial reason for Season 4’s success, however, Maeffi believes that there are other reasons for the boom in popularity:

“I think there are a lot of other factors that have helped drive our popularity, but that is certainly one that we don’t discount.”

Season 3 and now Season 4 of Drive to Survive became Netflix worldwide Number 1. This will drive new viewers to the sport and has created a brand new audience of fans.

As reported a month ago, F1 is currently very happy with the Netflix partnership. However, F1 boss Stefano Domenicali has stated that the partnership will only continue to be a “win” if they don’t take the storylines too far. Domenicali also wants the series to “add value” to the sport rather than create something it’s not.

Although Maeffi and Domenicali are happy with the partnership, some drivers and stars of the show are not. Notably, Max Verstappen has stepped away from the show refusing to give interviews or insight for the entirety of Season 4.

It seems that other drivers are continuing to follow suit with reports that Pierre Gasly is also becoming unhappy with the show.

Despite the concerns of some of the drivers, everyone else involved is very happy and there are reports that Season 5 is in the works already.

With this season’s immense success, it would be foolish not to consider a fifth season (from a business point of view). Whether the grid agrees is a different story.

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