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“I’ll just say the rules should get banned”: Lando Norris thinks rules should be scrapped

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Lando Norris has revealed his feelings about Formula One’s rule that permits a free tyre change during race suspensions, saying they should scrap it.

During the first stint of the race, Lando Norris held sixth position.

Norris came into the pits after the safety car was deployed after Mick Schumacher’s accident.

The race was halted while repairs were undertaken to the barriers.

This, unfortunately for Norris, meant he would start in 14th for the restart.

McLaren’s rivals Ferrari were able to have both of their drivers undertake their mandatory pit stop during the red-flag period.

Talking about this, Norris said:

“I’ll just say the rules should get banned, and they should bin the rules, they should press delete a number of times until that line and paragraph is deleted and erased from history,

“I just got unlucky a lot of the time, the red flag ruined everything – basically everyone got ahead of me.

“And then even with the crashes, the one with Perez I was on the left and I got unlucky again and I couldn’t go right, then everyone’s like kamikaze and crashing into each other.

“Just a long race to score one point but better than nothing.”

Norris’ team-mate Daniel Ricciardo was one of the drivers who benefited from the race’s suspension.

He was able to surge up to fifth place.

He said: “The red flags in a way were good because the starts were good so I was able to always move forward pretty much, in two out of three starts,

“But I started on the first start with the Hard and I think that was the tyre, so once it was a red flag it was a little too used to go again and we were forced to do the rest of the race with the Medium and it wasn’t as fast as the Hard.

“Potentially I could have challenged Esteban [Ocon] at least a little more with the Hard, but in any case happy to get a top five and definitely it’s nice moving forward, so no complaints.”

Feature Image Credit: @LandoNorris on Twitter.

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