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Horner: “We will be pushing with Honda until the end of 2025”

Red Bull and Honda partnered in F1 in 2019

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Christian Horner states that Red Bull is saddened by the end of their partnership with Honda. Despite Red Bull’s new Ford partnership, they will still be pushing until the last race in 2025 with Honda.

Red Bull and Ford will be partnered until at least 2030 according to Ford’s media center (Image credit: F1 official website)

Red Bull announced their partnership with Ford at their RB19 car launch on Friday. Horner said that this new relationship will not affect the one Red Bull has with Honda. The Japanese manufacturer will still supply the Milton-Keynes team with engines till the end of 2025. 

The success of the partnership in the last couple years is undeniable and Red Bull acknowledge it. However, Honda and Red Bull are on different paths for 2026, which is why the team made the deal with Ford. Horner talked about Honda saying:

“We’ve had an incredible partnership with Honda. When they initially announced their withdrawal from Formula 1 in 2020, it was with great sadness. And that’s what prompted the creation of Red Bull Powertrains, to take control for our own future,” 

“And as we set out on that journey, there was a change of plan with Honda. Thankfully, to agree to continue to supply engines till the end of 2025, until we were building up our resource for 2026.”

“That contract we have is until the end of 2025. We have a great working relationship. They are an incredible company and under the current regulations, we will be pushing with Honda all the way until the last race of the 2025 season.”

“Now with an OEM partner like Ford our paths are different for the 2026 season. We wish Honda the very best of luck for 2026 as their plans look to crystalise. But between now and then we will be working very closely and looking to build on the success that we have achieved so far.”

Red Bull and Ford

The new partnership in F1 took the internet by storm. The multi-year contract between Red Bull and Ford is one that Horner states is strategic.

“This is a purely commercial and technical deal, so there is no exchange of any shares or participation within the business. It’s a very straightforward agreement where we will have the ability to share and have access to R&D, particularly on the EV side and self-technology, software development and so on.”

“On the commercial side with Ford being so prevalent in the US, as a commercial partner it enables us to help achieve even more penetration in that market.”

Headline Image Credit: Formula 1 Official Website

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