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Horner: Red Bull won’t breach cost cap in 2022

The cost cap for 2022 is $140m

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Red Bull’s Team Principal Christian Horner believes they won’t break cost cap due to reduction of one-off costs in 2022.

Red Bull already won the 2022 Constructors Championship.(Image Credit: F1 website)

Red Bull have been handed a fine of $7 million and a 10% reduction in car development for next year. However, Horner states this year’s costs differ from 2021. Meaning most likely that they are under the cost cap limits. Horner stated:

“The effects that we’ve had this year, the material effect that they carry over into 2022, a lot of these costs are one-off costs.” 

“Whether it was a redundancy cost, leaver costs, sick pay, they are one-off costs. We will continue to feed our people, and their costs will be apportioned within the cap.”

Compared to its rivals:

Red Bull have not spent as much in development and crash damages.

“If I look at the 2022 rate of development, I think that other teams have put significantly more components on the car than us this year.

“If you look at crash damage alone, which again, is hugely expensive, and something I think that needs personally looking at within the cap – when you look at the quantum of some of the crashes this year, some of which are not the fault of your driver or your team, Max Verstappen is the driver that has incurred the least amount of damage this year. In terms of parts used, again, we are at the lower end.”

“So one can never say with 100% confidence that we’re comfortably within the cap, particularly after the process that we’ve just been through.”

“But we feel that there are a lot of one-off costs that have been included within this. And we are confident and hopeful that with the process of these regulations being tidied up for future, it will become less of an accounting world championship.”

More from Horner:

“I think what we have set is a precedent, and it sets a precedent for 2022. A danger for 2022 is that there could be six teams in breach of the cap. Energy prices have been exponential, but thankfully we’ve been protected from that.

“But there is that chance that several teams, many of which have stated it during F1 commission meetings, will break the cap this year.

“We do not believe that we will break the cap in 2022, for the reasons I explained earlier. But these penalties set precedent for the future. So if you get 10% for 0.37% breach, what is the 5% breach going to be?”

Headline Image Credit: Formula 1 Website

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