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Horner: “Drive to Survive is bringing in a lot of young girls because of all these great-looking young drivers”

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During an interview with TalkSPORT, Christian Horner slipped out a sentence that might have surprised many. Talking about the new season Drive to Survive, he mentioned that many young girls come to Formula 1 because of the “good-looking drivers”.

With the 4th season Drive to Survive, which Netflix will release on 11 March, interest in Formula 1 will presumably continue to increase. Since the start of the production, its popularity has increased dramatically.

Christian Horner gave his views on the series production in conversation with Laura Woods:

“Obviously, I watch it. And the latest season is just coming out,” Horner told talkSPORT during their Breakfast Show.

“I just had a preview of the first four episodes. And this latest season is just insane because of the rivalry and things behind the scenes.

“It’s obviously a fly on the wall. You’ve got to remember they’re making a TV show as well. But for what it’s done for the sport, it’s phenomenal.”

Then Horner mentions a topic that the radio presenter cannot leave uncommented:

“F1 is bringing in a young generation. It’s bringing in a lot of young girls because of all these great-looking young drivers.”

He adds: “They want to know more about the characters. Particularly in America, it’s gone bananas, so that’s creating more sponsorship, more revenue, the tracks are all sold-out, Silverstone are trying to put another 20,000 seats in because of the demand.”

What did Horner mean by that?

Of course, Laura Woods couldn’t just let his comments about young girls slide.

When asked more precisely how he meant the phrase about “great-looking” drivers and whether it was not instead of the case that drivers like Verstappen or Hamilton inspire young drivers, Horner backpedalled:

“Absolutely. And we’re seeing more and more girls getting involved in the sport, not just in a driving perspective but in engineering, management and so on,” he said.

Horner added that the interest that comes from the polarising series benefits the sport: “That’s great to see the interest that it’s generating.”

The new season Drive to Survive will be interesting because the rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen will be in the foreground.

However, since Verstappen has declined to work with Netflix, it remains to be seen if and how he can show his point of view.

One thing is sure: reliving the 2021 season behind the scenes is exciting to see. Especially the controversy surrounding the Abu Dhabi GP should be interesting to watch from different perspectives.

Feature Image Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

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