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Honda say communication is the reason for success with Red Bull

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In an exclusive interview with, Honda chief Toyoharu Tanabe has reflected on the manufacturer’s title-winning partnership with Red Bull.

Tanabe started by saying, “the most important thing is communication” and that “our desire is the same [as it was] to win races and win the championship. How [do we] achieve our purpose or desire? The key is to make a high-performance car, as a package.

“We discussed a lot what we wanted to do, with each other, and then made a compromised decision to make the car fast.

“We know each other very much, so it was very open-minded [and] a very detailed discussion. That discussion and then communication makes us a strong, kind of one team.”

Cut To The Race Podcast

Tanabe went on to praise Max Verstappen: “I think he has a talent, he has a skill, to drive the car fast,

“Not only fast, but also as a kind of sensor, a human sensor; he is very sensitive and the feedback is very precise.

“For the engine condition, he realises very small sounds or feelings – he could tell us very small things. His feedback and kind of testing was very useful for us.”

Feature Image Credit: @redbullracing on Twitter.

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