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Hamilton: Silverstone ticket prices 'too high' in cost of living crisis

Hamilton: Silverstone ticket prices ‘too high’ in cost of living crisis

The British Grand Prix still has vacant seats less than a month before the event

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Lewis Hamilton thinks the British Grand Prix ticket prices should be lower so more Formula 1 fans can attend the race.

Hamilton: Silverstone ticket prices 'too high' in cost of living crisis
Hamilton last won the British Grand Prix in 2021 (Image Credit: REUTERS)

The 2024 British Grand Prix is less than a month away, with the Grand Prix commencing Sunday 7 July at 15:00 BST. However, the organisers are struggling to sell grandstand and general admission tickets, with plenty of both still available to purchase on the Silverstone website.

The circuit has come under fire in the last few years regarding escalating prices, with fans complaining that the costs are simply too high amidst a nationwide cost of living crisis that has gripped the United Kingdom post-Covid.

Currently, a four-day general admission ticket is priced at around £400 with a similar grandstand ticket setting back customers about £600. 480,000 attendees were present during the 2023 British Grand Prix; there are fears that empty seats will be visible during the 2024 edition.

Stuart Pringle, Managing Director of Silverstone, blames the recent dominance of Max Verstappen and Oracle Red Bull Racing for the fall in ticket sales. Hamilton however, who has won the F1 race at the racetrack a record eight times, has taken aim at the inflated ticket prices.

Hugely expensive

Speaking to media ahead of the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix, Hamilton was asked about his thoughts on the rising cost to attend the British Grand Prix. He said: “I mean, it’s an incredible event. If you take it from a bird’s eye view, the whole event is…all the space is used up.

“So many fans come and have a great weekend.

“The only thing I would ever say is that we have to watch ticket prices. I think they’re continuing to rise and the cost of living nowadays, I think it’s too high,” claimed the Briton.

Hamilton thinks that organisers should reduce the prices to allow more families to attend: “I’m just thinking from the perspective of a fan that would come with a family.

“It’s hugely expensive, so I think it’s looking into ways where you can make better accessibility for people.”

The Spanish Grand Prix precedes the British round, with the race starting Sunday 23 June at 14:00 BST (15:00 local time).

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