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Hamilton reveals more after Horner’s Red Bull drive rumour

After Christian Horner attempted to whip up a frenzy over suggestions that Lewis Hamilton wanted to join Red Bull, the Mercedes driver has responded in kind

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Lewis Hamilton has poured cold water on Christian Horner’s rumour that Red Bull were contacted earlier this season over a potential drive in 2024.

Hamilton Horner Red Bull F1 Verstappen
Despite saying that Red Bull were approached about the possibility of Lewis Hamilton joining the team, Christian Horner doesn’t believe the dynamic with Max Verstappen would work. (Image Credit: Jared C. Tilton via Getty Images)

Horner claimed to the Daily Mail that Lewis Hamilton – or his representatives – had reached out to discuss the possibility of the seven-time drivers’ champion joining forces with F1’s current dominant force. He also reiterated the belief that Hamilton and Ferrari also held talks earlier in the year.

Hamilton, however, refuted Horners Red Bull suggestions, when speaking to Sky Sports F1 in Abu Dhabi ahead of the season finale. Further still, the Mercedes driver revealed that in fact, it was Horner himself who’d been the one to reach out.

What did Hamilton say in response?

Speaking with Ted Kravitz during broadcast media duties, when asked about the veracity of Horner’s revelation, the British driver said:

“Yeah, I don’t really know where that story has come from. I mean, I know it’s come from Christian [Horner]. I don’t really understand what he’s been talking about, because no one – as far as I’m aware – from my team has spoken to him, I haven’t spoken to Christian, really, in years.”

Further thickening the plot, Hamilton implied that things may actually have been the other way around, adding:

“However, he did reach out to me earlier on in the year about meeting up. But that’s it. I just congratulated him on an amazing year and said: ‘hopefully soon I’ll be able to fight against you guys in the near future’, that was it. So, I’m not really sure, I think he’s just stirring things.”

When Kravitz pressed further, asking what should be made of it, given there may have been private conversations, Hamilton gave Horner a little bite back by responding: “There aren’t any confidential discussions, so. I dunno, you know Christian. He loves that kinda stuff.”

Never say never?

Whilst quietening suggestions that he would want to join forces with Horner and Max Verstappen at Red Bull, Hamilton did admit that he’d welcome the opportunity to fight against them on a level playing field.

“100%. [I] would be more than happy to race against him [Max Verstappen] in an equal car,” he began.

“For me moving to – Red Bull’s done an amazing job and it is an incredible team and any driver would love to drive for such a great group of people – I think moving from a car that’s not so great to a winning car, from my perspective, that’s not a dream.

“A dream is always to start where we [Mercedes] kinda are and build up to then winning and that’s why I’ve stayed with Mercedes.”

Featured Image Credit: @MercedesAMGF1 on X

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