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GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - APRIL 01: Lewis Hamilton poses during the Signature talk “Being a Pilot” with Valentino Rossi at the IWC Schaffhausen booth at Watches and Wonders 2022 on April 01, 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland. (Photo by Remy Steiner/Getty Images for IWC)

Hamilton hopes his documentary will have a “positive impact”

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Lewis Hamilton has hopes that his upcoming documentary on Apple TV+ will have a “positive impact” on people.

The documentary currently doesn’t have a title or a release date, but will have full access to Lewis Hamilton.

It promises “an all-star cast of guest interviews” as well as footage from on track and off, and it will be produced by Hamilton himself, Penni Thow, Box to Box Films and One Community. Former HBO CEO Richard Plepper be executive producer along with Scott Budnick, whose films include ‘The Hangover’.

Will Smith recently won an Oscar for Best Actor in a movie which depicted the story of Serena and Venus Williams, as well as their father Richard. Hamilton was asked if a similar biopic could be made of him in the future:

“We have this documentary that we’re working on and I think you have to do everything about the right time,” Hamilton said.

“The documentary is the current focus. I think stories are there to be told. I think it’s important. I think there’s lots that can be learned.

“And as I mentioned, for people, if you can affect and have a positive impact, if your story can have one positive impact even on one person or one family that could be amazing.

“Very inspired by how Will [Smith] did it with his team. And with those two icons, pretty proud of them. So yeah, maybe one day.”

The Mercedes driver has been linked to another upcoming Formula 1 movie project by Apple, which would see Brad Pitt in it.

Reports suggest that Pitt will play a veteran racing star who comes out of retirement to mentor a young driver, while taking his own last chance at on-track glory.

It will see ‘Top Gun’ producer Jerry Bruckheimer leading the project, with ‘Top Gun:’ Maverick director Joseph Kosinski and scriptwriter Ehren Kruger also on board.

Although he didn’t confirm that he was involved in the project, Hamilton did say that he is “going through a process right now of castings for another project that I have”.

Hamilton added: “That’s quite an interesting process to go through. So it’s quite exciting, reading up on all these different characters, people that could fit a role that the script.

“You know, when the script’s written, and they’re writing that character, finding someone that matches that and represents the character is quite an interesting process.”

Feature Image Credit: Remy Steiner/Getty Images

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