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Hamilton eyes 2023 after Verstappen and Red Bull dominance

Verstappen won his second world championship after winning the Japanese Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton believes that Mercedes will have a much better car for the 2023 season. The Briton also congratulated Max Verstappen as the Dutchman won his second world championship after a dominant season.

Max Verstappen, Red Bull, Japanese Grand Prix, 2022 world champion
Verstappen cruised to victory, winning by 28 seconds (Image Credit: Mark Peterson ATPImages/Getty Images)

Max Verstappen claimed his 12th race win of the season after winning the Japanese Grand Prix. The Dutch driver won by 28 seconds, showing the recent dominance the 25-year-old has had.

The win in Suzuka secured the title for the Dutchman, as Charles Leclerc finished in third after receiving a five-second penalty for going off the track and gaining an advantage on Sergio Perez on the final lap.

“We will build a better car for next year”, says Hamilton

Mercedes have been nowhere near the frontrunners this season. The Silver Arrows are still yet to win a race this season with Ferrari and Red bull having much better cars.

The Briton congratulated Verstappen for winning his second title. He also believes that Mercedes understand where it went wrong this year, leading to them building a better car for next year:

“Congrats to Max. I think for us, we know what the problems are with this car.

“I believe that we as a team, we’ve not gone from being world champions to not being able to build a good car. I have no doubts we’ll build a better car next year.

“Whether or not we rectify the issues from this year, we’ll find out when we get there.”

Hamilton enjoyed his battle with Ocon

Hamilton spent the majority of the “sprint race” behind Esteban Ocon. The seven-time world champion could not get past the Frenchman due to a lack of straightline speed in his Mercedes. Many thought that Hamilton would have been frustrated, but the Briton said that it was the opposite as he enjoyed the battle:

“I don’t feel frustrated. It was a sprint race. I did the best I could and I’m happy that we at least got some points today.

“We were just so slow in a straight line. I was getting as close as I could, but as soon as I pulled out, they would just pull away.”

The only thing Hamilton wished for was a longer race, as the Briton felt bad for the Japanese fans not being able to watch a full race. Many were excited to see Suzuka return as it was the first time in three years. However, fans managed to watch some good racing during the 40-minute time period of racing action.

Feature Image Credit: Peter J Fox via Getty Images



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