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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE - OCTOBER 02: Beitske Visser of Netherlands and Sirin Racing (95) and Marta Garcia of Spain and CortDAO W Series Team (19) lead the field into turn one at the start during the W Series Round 6 race at Marina Bay Street Circuit on October 02, 2022 in Singapore, Singapore. (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Hamilton believes F1 should have helped W Series

The seven time world champion believes more could have been done to help W Series

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Lewis Hamilton has spoken out on W Series’s financial difficulties and F1’s role in that.

Hamilton in W Series paddock
Lewis Hamilton in the W Series Paddock. Image Credit: @lewisdidwhat via Twitter

In what would have been the penultimate race for the 2022 W Series season, Lewis Hamilton thinks that Formula 1 should have done more for women in motorsport.

Reported by, Hamilton believes that it was “100%” a duty of Formula 1 to support W Series.

He said:

“There has not been enough focus on women in sport for the whole of Formula 1’s life. There is not enough emphasis on it now. They’re not magnifying enough the great work that is being done there.”

W Series came to an early end

Earlier this month, W Series announced that they would be ending their Championship early due to financial difficulties. Funding from one of their investors failed to arrive, meaning that the series came to an early end.

W Series planned 10 races this season, and only ran seven of them. This means that Jamie Chadwick, who has won both past seasons, won her third this year.

Chadwick has made her intentions clear, she wants to be in Formula 1 one day. Lewis Hamilton wants to pave a way for women to get themselves in Formula 1. He said:

“There is not enough representation across the board within our industry. There is not really a pathway for those young, amazing drivers to even get to Formula 1. Then you have some people who say: ‘We’re never going to see a female F1 driver’. That’s not a good narrative to be putting out. So, I think we need to be doing more.”

Hamilton’s initiative to get women in motorsports

Hamilton has also considered Formula 1’s capital recently. Since landing two new racing locations, Miami and Las Vegas, F1 has seen a large boost in revenue. Drive to Survive also has a part to play in that. 

Hamilton believes that this financial gain could have been used to help W Series. He said, “With the organisation, with Formula 1 and Liberty [W Series’ failed funding] doing so well, it was not a lot for them to be able to help out in that space.” 

For a long time, Hamilton has been trying to get more young women into Formula 1. He has been working with Mercedes to get 8000 young girls into motorsports. Hamilton believes “Every team should be doing that.”

W Series are now focusing on their funding 2023 and beyond to get racing again. 

Featured Image Credit: Clive Rose via Getty Images

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