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Hamilton-Abu Dhabi nightmare will “always be with me”

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Over the weekend, in an interview with C4, Hamilton opened up about last year’s Abu Dhabi nightmare.

As the Silverstone weekend took place, many speculated what would happen a year on from *that* infamous crash that took place on the first lap of last year’s Grand Prix.

However, it was a different incident that Hamilton spoke about. Lewis decided to finally open up about Abu Dhabi.

Since the incident took place, Lewis has rarely mentioned or acknowledged it. But, in an interview which touched on his 2021 season, he finally opens up.

Abu Dhabi Recap

The incident, in which the interviewer dubbed an ‘Abu Dhabi Nightmare’ , saw Lewis Hamilton lose the race victory and the championship. In the season finale last year, Hamilton was leading the race by quite a margin. Despite Red Bull’s best efforts and Perez’s exceptional battle, there was little that could be done to stop Hamilton winnining.

This was until Nicholas Latifi crashed into the barriers and brought out the safety car. This incident created a one-lap, all or nothing title decider. Max Verstappen, who was in P2 also managed to pit for softer, fresher tyres knowing a battle with Lewis was about to commence.

Verstappen ended up winning the race and the championship. This was obviously controversial due to the way the race was handled.

The actions of race director Michael Masi were called out and he was highly criticised.

With all this going on, Hamilton made no comments and has refrained from doing so until now.

Hamilton’s Thoughts

In the interview, which took place at the gorgeous Kensington Palace, Hamilton spoke about his exciting home race, his role in racing and his charity ‘Mission 44’.

Before talking about the topics mentioned above, they “touched briefly on 2021”. Steve Jones, the interviewer, described it as the Abu Dhabi nightmare.

Hamilton went on to say that he thinks “it (Abu Dhabi) will always be with me” and went on to say that Abu Dhabi was a “traumatic experience”. Hamilton said he experienced trauma as he worked so hard for something that he lost. He also said that he never looks back on it though and the whole experience made him stronger.

Hamilton then went on to speak about the present and the future. He spoke about how not winning is new for him and some of his team. Some of his team only know “success and winning”.

“It’s a very interesting period of time where wer’e pulling together and strenghting on areas… like teamwork for example”

Lewis continued to be supportive of his team and the difficult season they have been experiencing.

Feature Image: Red Bull Content Pool

  1. Was he not allowed to pit by the rules/FIA? He had every opportunity to come into the pits at the VSC or SC to be on better tyres. It may have lost track position, but isn’t that racing? Don’t see anybody from Toxic #TeamLH moaning about the safety car/red flag after Lewis binned it at Imola. He would’ve been a lap down if it wasn’t for Masi there, no?

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