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Haas blame tyre troubles for poor performance in Spain

Both Kevin Magnussen and Nico Hulkenberg have said the tyre wear in Spain was tough

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Haas has stated that tyre issues and high degradation were to blame for their results in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Nico Hulkenberg on track at the Spanish Grand Prix. Image Credit:

Following the Spanish Grand Prix, Ferrari was quick to speak out about issues with tyres during the race. Now Haas has also admitted that they struggled at the hands of tyres in Sunday’s Grand Prix.

Going into detail on their “Race Recap”, both Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen, who finished 15th and 18th respectively, spoke about difficulties with their tyres. Guenther Steiner, Haas Team principal, also admitted that the tyre performance was not optimal for the team on Sunday.

What they had to say
The Drivers

Kevin Magnussen remained at the back of the grid during his weekend. Having started in 17th after a sub-optimal qualifying, Magnussen struggled even more on race day and finished the race a place lower. The Danish driver said that the tyre operation was mainly to blame.

“It was a tough day in terms of tire management… Our tires just fell off”

Magnussen did say that the beginning of the stints were successful but the tyres dropped off dramatically.

“Hopefully, we can try and learn about what caused it to improve, but certainly, it was a tough race.”

On the other side of the garage, teammate Nico Hulkenberg had a much better qualifying having made it into Q3 and then finally starting the race in seventh. Unfortunately, on race day, the same tyre issues plagued the German driver and he ended up finishing out of the points in 15th.

“It was tough. Unfortunately, the degradation was really high for us and we had to three-stop whereas the competition didn’t.”

Team Principal Steiner

Guenther Steiner echoed their feelings stating that Haas needs to “try to find a solution to our tire degradation”.

“We just couldn’t get the tires to stay alive. We did one more pit stop than everyone else, but even if we hadn’t stopped, we would’ve gone slower and ended up there anyway.”

Could there be a link?

Both Haas and Ferrari have complained about tyre issues following the Spanish Grand Prix and it is known that the two teams share an exceptionally close relationship. Haas is a customer team of the Scuderia and they share a “technical relationship” of engines and other parts.

Could they be sharing this similar tyre issue because they share a similar philosophy and build?

Perhaps. It’s likely that the two are somewhat related, however, Ferrari struggled to understand the tyres with the same compound working completely differently whereas Haas seemed to suffer more from high degradation. Despite this, it could be something to look out for in upcoming races.


Feature Image Credit: Andy Hone / LAT Images

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