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Haas 2022
Haas 2022 on track in Spain. Credit to Haas F1 on Twitter

Haas 2022 challenger revealed on Track in Spain

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Haas F1 have run their 2022 car for the first time this season at a shakedown at the Circuit de Catalunya.

The car, driven by Nikita Mazepin, is noticeably different to the computer render seen at the Haas livery launch.

Haas 2022
Haas 2022 livery launch. Credit to Haas F1 on Twitter

This shakedown takes place before testing starts on Wednesday.

Teams are allowed to run a short shakedown, on promotional tyres. These runs must be no longer than 100km in length. With this Haas shakedown, all three Ferrari powered cars have now run.

Whilst these runs are not long, they allow the teams to check that their challengers are ready for testing, and there are no issues.

In the case of Haas, the car seen in Spain this morning looks significantly different to the one revealed with their livery.

The livery reveal was on a computer render, with the intakes on the sidepods small, and the front wing flaring towards the centre of the wing. They were the first team to present their livery this season.

On the car run this morning, the intakes on the sidepods were clearly much larger.

The front wing and nose are also noticeably different. The higher nose, as seen on the majority of cars so far this season, was on display.

The front wing is flat along the top, before tapering to the fins at the edge.

There are also some small fins just behind the cockpit, near where the Halo meets the bodywork behind the driver.

Haas decided to not develop their car at all last season, to focus their efforts into this season, with the new regulations.

All team’s performance for this season is something of an unknown. However, Haas are arguably more so, with such a poor performance last season.

As such, it will be interesting to see if the decision to not develop the car last year in favour of this year will pay dividends.

If this development pays off, then Haas could conceivably force themselves into the midfield battle in 2022. With an unchanged, settled driver line-up, both Mazepin and Mick Schumacher will be targeting points, after failing to get off the mark last year.

Feature Image Credit to Haas F1 on Twitter

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